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Type: Individual Project
 Unit:  Presenting the Marketing Plan
 Due Date:  Wed, 3/21/18
Grading Type: Numeric
 Points Possible:   200
 Points Earned:  0
 Deliverable Length:  12–15 slide PowerPoint with 200–250 words of speaker notes per slide
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Michelle has told you that the board is now ready to see the final presentation of your plan for MM’s new product. 

"They are very eager to see what we have been working on  during the past few weeks," she says excitedly. "I am sure they will  love the plan and am looking forward to your presentation."  "Thanks," you respond, feeling a few butterflies in your stomach. "I  am looking forward to the presentation also. I think we have covered all  of the bases and I am sure we have a solid plan.  I have jotted down  the order of items to cover that I think will be best for the  presentation. What do you think?"
Objectives of plan  
Marketing research used to select target market  
Promotional Strategies  
Measuring results  
Contingency Plan "This looks like a solid format for the presentation. Let me know if  you have any questions and I will be happy to help," Michelle says  exiting your office.

You close the door of your office so you can fully concentrate on  preparing your presentation. You have a lot of material to cover, but  you have been working on this plan for weeks. Now it's just a matter of  formulating a cohesive strategy and anticipating any questions that may  arise during the presentation.  

  • What might somebody else say to show your proposed solution is wrong?  
  • What could you say to show s/he is wrong?  
  • What alternative solution might someone else recommend?  
  • What reasons might someone provide to support their solution?  
  • How would you respond to their reasons?  
  • Is there a compromise or creative solution? 

Please submit your assignment.

The materials found in the M.U.S.E. may help you with this assignment. Additional information is also provided in the Lessons From Experiencefound at the following links:

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

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