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Childhood Obesity

Please include the following in your paper: 

1. Background information on the health condition. 

      a. Scope of the problem—-the population at risk. 

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      b. How many Americans are affected by this health condition. 

      c. Geographic region the problem is mostly found, if any.

      d. Brief explanation of the health condition. 

      e. How is the health condition treated. 

2. Discuss the health disparity of the health condition. 

      a. Each of the conditions listed is considered to be a health disparity in the US. 

      b. Research how the condition is a disparity and why. 

      c. Who is affected??

      d. Is there anything being done to address health disparities in this country. –

      i. Look up “healthy People 2020”

      e. What can nursing do…..what is nursing’s role is health disparities. 

3. Nursing Education, health promotion and disease prevention. 

      a. Discuss what you, the nurse, can do to address this aspect of nursing. 

Please use at least one article from a nursing journal. 

Send a pdf of your articlealong with your paper either by email or hard copy to me. 

In addition, you may use websites for information, BUT……. Be careful.They should be high quality websites, like CDC or ANA, Medscape, etc. 

This paper is to be 5 pages long. 

APA format with reference page, title page (which are not counted in the 5 page requirement). 

Remember you must use an in-text citation for every sentence that is not your own idea. 


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