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UNIT TITLE Contribute to the Complex Nursing Care of Clients
Word Limit for Part One of this assessment is maximum of 500 words.
Part Two Question and Answers
The assessment must be submitted as one whole document not in individual parts and Scenarios to complete this assessment. Candidates are required to adhere to the Assessment Guidelines in their submission. Referencing used must be Harvard style and appropriate quality references are used. A selection of web sites, books and journals as sources for gathering of information is required not just dependent on web site information. Questions/Tasks There are two parts to this assessment and they are required to be submitted as one whole document not in individual parts. Learners are required to choose ONE of the following scenarios only to complete this assessment.
Mrs Gay McMann is a 56-year-old woman whom is being admitted for elective surgery for a Total hysterectomy.
History of Client:
Degenerative arthritis of the spine and both knees (injured 4 years ago with a weight gain of 40 kgs due to inability to walk and exercise as previously done).
She has a weight of 140kg height 176cm (morbidly obese).
She suffers reactive asthma with colds and flu or with changes of the weather.
She lives with her husband and has 5 adult children at living home.
Works full time in customer service industry where she is on her feet most of the day and is tolerating pain most of the time.
Mobic 15mg daily
Omega 3 fish oils 2 daily
Glucosamine 2 daily
Panadol prn
Mr McMann states she gets breathless on exertion and has a family history of diabetes and heart disease.
On assessment she appears to be happy but a little apprehensive about the risk of surgery due to her weight. Gay wishes to see her priest and take the sacraments.
Concern is also noted because a daughter suffers a chronic illness and Gay is primary carer.
Part One
Learners are required to create an information sheet that is of no more than 500 words about one of the surgeries that are highlighted within the case studies.
The information sheet must cover the following criteria –
· Description of the surgery
· Expectation pre and post operatively
· Expected outcomes
· Recovery times
· Rehabilitation options within South Australia
· Pain and management of this surgery.
Part Two
Answer the following questions.
1. The patient arrives for admission to the ward for surgery what nursing interventions must be carried out?
2. What is consent and why is this needed?
3. The doctor has requested a pre op ECG. What is an ECG and why would this be required prior to surgery?
4. The patient request to see a priest prior to going to surgery? Do we have to accommodate this due to the time constraints, and why?
5. The patient has requested no male nurses to provide care due to cultural reasons.
What is cultural nursing and do we have to comply with this request?
6. How would you communicate this request to all who would care for this patient?
7. How would you set up the room for your patients return post-surgery?
8. What equipment would you need to assist you to care for this patient post operatively?
9. Provide an explanation of an ISOBAR handover and what is the purpose of handover?
10.Provide an explanation of what a catheter is and how this is managed?
11.Provide and explanation on how to remove the catheter and post IDC removal?
12.Provide details on how to manage and monitor intravenous therapy.
13.Provide an explanation of how to removal an IV cannula once no longer required?
14.Name and describe two pain scales that can be used post-surgery and what the best choice would be for your patient within the scenario.
15.What methods other than medications could we use to assist in pain management?
16. It’s Day 2 post op and you are assisting your patient to get up and have a shower.
Your patient complains of chest pain, SOB and feeling lightheaded on sitting up.
Explain what would you do and why?
17. After the chest pain and incident from the morning has resolved and on follow up assessment in the afternoon you note that your patient is complaining of a sore L) calf. On further exploration the L) calf is very swollen compared the right, it is hot too touch and sore. What action would you take? What could be the cause?
18. It’s Day 4 and the client is getting ready for discharge, when does discharge start?
19. The patient is packing their back and you note they are flushed in the face. They are clutching at their wound site. What would you do?
20. You take your patient’s clinical observations and note that the patient PR is 110, Temp 38.9, BP 100/70. You examine the wound and there is copious yellow ooze from external staples, there are parts where the staples are bursting and the odour is offensive. What do these results mean?
21. What nursing interventions will you undertake and why?
22. A heart rate of 110bpm is referred to as what?
23. A temperature of greater than 38 degrees is referred to as what?
24. When the results from the wound swabs return the infection is identified as MRSA. Define what MRSA is and what actions will you need to implement to manage?
25. What information will you provide to the client to educate them on what has happened and the requirements for management of hospital acquired infections?
26. The patient develops during the hospital stay a urinary tract infection. How would this be diagnosed and what clinical manifestations would the patient complain of?
27. Define what would be found in the urine when doing a urinalysis?
28. The patient was due to discharge on DAY 5, but due to post-operative complications the discharge was delayed a further 5 days. This has now resulted in further social and economic burdens. What can you do to support this patient with the issues that have arisen?
29. The patient is clear for discharge what is required for this?
30. Provide a list of services that could provide your patient with community support whilst they are home recuperating.

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