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Develop the flow diagram of the information and any control
elements needed to ensure proper access for the information.

Submit a 700- to 1,050-word section of the paper with the
following elements:

A diagram of the information flow and any elements controlling
proper access to the information it uses
A description of any proposed business process changes for the
system along with flow diagrams

A specific discussion on any Internet and mobile access components
of the system

Note: Riordan Manufacturing is one of the Virtual Organizations. 

(I've attached an outline if it helps)

Inventory Management System
I.      A description of the Inventory Management System,
Components, and Benefits
a.      The Inventory management system is a process that controls
the materials in terms of orders, sales, and deliveries in an
b.      The inventory management system applies software that is a
computer-based system in order to track the inventory levels during
the manufacturing process.
c.      The inventory management system helps in comprehensive
inventory handling system to maintain the demand of the customers.
d.      The inventory management system is also able to help the
Riordan as warehouse organization, ability of employee, financial
saving, and timing saving.
II.     The Business Requirements Driving the Need for the System
a.      The business requirement driving the need for the inventory
management system is in the appropriate supply chain management of
the organization.
b.       Decreasing the cost of transportation as well as
satisfying the needs of the customers is also the business
requirement that drives the need for the system.  
III.    The Information used in the System
a.      The information that used in the inventory management
system is the database.
b.      This database is actually used for storing and
administering all the different types of data in order to
efficiently store them in the warehouse inventory management of the
c.      Other information, which is used in the system, is keeping
track of all items and locations, back orders, and much more.

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