1. _____ is a method of promoting safety by determining which specific element of a job led to a past accident.

1.00 points
Cost-benefit analysis
Utilization analysis technique
Technic of operations review
Conjoint analysis technique
Job hazard analysis technique
2. _____ forbids discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin and is enforced by the EEOC.

1.00 points
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
The Civil Rights Act of 1991
The Fourteenth Amendment
Executive Order 11246
The Rehabilitation Act of 1973
3. Reasonable accommodation refers to:
1.00 points
an employer’s obligation to provide comfortable lodging near the work place for all employees.
an employer’s obligation to provide reasonable and safe working conditions to the employees.
an employer’s obligation to do something to enable an otherwise qualified person to perform a job.
an employer’s obligation to compensate the employees for the increasing living expenses.
an employer’s obligation to accommodate a laid off employee when there is a vacancy.
4. Which of the following recruitment scenarios provide evidence of discrimination according to the four-fifths rule?
1.00 points
Out of 50 applicants (25 black and 25 white), 4 blacks and 5 whites were recruited.
Out of 75 applicants (15 black and 60 white), 3 blacks and 12 whites were recruited.
Out of 300 applicants (140 black and 160 white), 12 blacks and 10 whites were recruited.
Out of 500 applicants (300 black and 200 white), 20 blacks and 20 whites were recruited.
Out of 200 applicants (140 black and 60 white), 22 blacks and 11 whites were recruited.
5. The management of Carlson Meyer Consulting believes that married women with children are more likely to remain absent from work when compared to their unmarried or childless counterparts. As such, there is an unwritten policy at Carlson Meyer for preferably hiring married men over married women with children. This is an example of _____.
1.00 points
reverse discrimination
disparate treatment
the four-fifths rule
a bona fide occupational qualification
an affirmative action
6. _____ are forms that the OSHA has made mandatory to inform employees about the hazards associated with the use of certain chemicals.
1.00 points
Chemical information sheets
Safety fact sheets
Hazardous substance information sheets
Chemical data sheets
Material safety data sheets
7. Which of the following is an example of reverse discrimination?
1.00 points
Discrimination against white men in the U.S.
Discrimination against women in the U.S.
Discrimination against black men in the U.S.
Discrimination against minorities in the U.S.
Discrimination against black women in the U.S.
8. Businesses with federal government contracts for more than $50,000 are required to have a written affirmative action plan on file. Which of the following is a basic component of such a plan?
1.00 points
Cost-benefit analysis
Refresher programs
EEOC programs
Conjoint analysis
Utilization analysis
9. Which of the following is the last major component of an OSHA inspection which involves the compliance officer sharing his findings with the employer?
1.00 points
A technic of operations review.
A closing conference.
An inspection following a notification.
A job hazard analysis.
A safety awareness program.
10. Which of the following is primarily responsible for enforcing the human resource laws passed in the United States?
1.00 points
The Cabinet. 
The legislative branch of the government.
The judicial branch of the government.
The Congress.
The executive branch of the government.
11. Which of the following is true about the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. constitution?
1.00 points
It abolished slavery in the United States.
It required that men and women performing equal jobs receive equal pay.
It mandated affirmative action in the employment of individuals with disabilities.
It granted all citizens the right to make, perform, modify, and terminate contracts.
It provided equal protection for all citizens and requires due process in state action.
12. Under the _____, OSHA is responsible for inspecting employers, applying safety and health standards, and levying fines for violation.
1.00 points
Department of Health
Department of Labor
Department of Development
Department of Human Services
Department of Commerce
13. Below are the ratios for the hiring rates of blacks to the hiring rates of whites. Which provides evidence of adverse impact?
rev: 11_28_2015_QC_CS-34818, 12_10_2015_CS-35239
1.00 points
14. _____ is a condition in which employment practices are seemingly neutral yet disproportionately exclude a protected group from employment opportunities.
1.00 points
Affirmative action
Bona fide occupational qualification
The four-fifths rule
Disparate impact
Reverse discrimination
15. The EEOC defines sexual harassment of employees as unlawful employment discrimination based on _____.
1.00 points
the Equal Opportunities Act
the Fourteenth Amendment
the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Executive Order 11246
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act




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