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Imagine you are a policymaker or city council member and are
actively involved in improving the lives of the vulnerable. Via the
first two written assignments, you have already selected one
vulnerable population, which is in need of a new program or service
within your community. You will research and design a presentation
(APA style Paper or PowerPoint Presentation), which you will
present at the next city meeting to advocate for your special
population group. 
The Final Project should demonstrate an understanding of the
reading assignments, class discussions, as well as your own
research and application of new knowledge. It must contain the
following elements below and be re-written in your own words (you
are welcome to refer to your previous assignments for guidance, but
do not copy and paste from them):
1.A description of why this population group is vulnerable and in
desperate need for help within your community. 
2.Identification of the health service needs of this special
3.In order to support your claims and opinions, cite statistical
data obtained from the county health department, state health
department, and/or other organizations and agencies. 

Design a model program or service, which is needed to improve the
lives of your chosen population within your community. Remember to
design a new program not currently existent within your community.
In your design, include the following:
1.A description of the continuum of care level (preventive,
treatment, or long-term care) your program or service fall into and
how it meets the needs of your selected group. 
2.An analysis of the delivery modes of health services to be
3.A discussion regarding the multidisciplinary approach that is
incorporated into the program. 
4.An analysis of the role of legal and ethical requirements in the
design of the program.
5.Identification of a minimum of two community
agencies/organizations you would like to partner with in some
way(s) in order to implement this program/service. Explain why you
would like to partner with these organizations and how can they
help or benefit you with the implementation of your
6.Analysis of the current funding sources for provision of health
services to this special population. Discuss the use of integrated
funding. Based on your research, identify a minimum of two funding
sources that may potentially provide monetary sponsorship for your
program or service. Explain why these entities would be likely
funding sources. my paper is HIV.

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