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 I need help in writing a negotiation analysis paper. I proposed
writing an analysis of Locheed Martin collective bargaining
agrement with the International Association of Machinists and
Aerospace Workers (IAM). I proposal stated this was to be from the
view of Lockheed Martin. How should I set up my sections. I have to
include aTitle page, Table of contents introduction, body of course
and references. I can use up to 3 pages for the description of
Lookheed and the Union. I wanted to ask these questions: 1. BATNAs:
What will the respective parties do if they don’t come to
2. Parties: Who are the real parties in the negotiation?
3. Interests: What are their fundamental needs and priorities?
4. Value: How can value be created and who is likely to get it?
5. Barriers: What obstacles might prevent agreement (or
maximization of joint value) and how
can they be overcome?
6. Power: How can the various parties influence the negotiation
process and its outcome?
7. Ethics: What is the right thing to do?
I am not sure about my complete outline though! Are these the
questions I shoud be asking per the view of Lockheed and should
these be my sections in the body?

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