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SPAN 110 Week 5 Team Assignment Cultural Comparison Presentation

Create a presentation with 7 to 10 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides
highlighting significant discoveries from your team’s papers. At
least three slides must be in Spanish.
Cultural Similarities and Differences in the Arts Paper
The Culture of Daily Life Similarities and Differences Paper
 (Week Three)
Political and Economic Environment Comparison Paper (Week Four)
Include photos, illustrations, animations, videos, or audio clipsas
appropriate. Document the source of each media item you include.
Avoid extremely busy slides or slides with limited content (such as
with only 3 bullets).
Use font sizes of no less than 16 size and no more than 32 in the
The specified number of slides excludes cover page and list of
Format yourreferences consistent with APA guidelines. Include
citations (including for non-original images) in the speaker notes
or in a separate reference list.
Deliver your presentation and submit your presentation file or
For Local Campus, deliver an oral presentation accompanied by your
slides or multimedia.
For Online Campus, provide detailed speaker notes in the
presentation file or in a separate document. 

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