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Pick a type of cancer to research. Find articles that answer questions concerning your chosen type of cancer. This
assignment will help you to organize the sources you will use in the Unit V Research Paper. An annotated bibliography
consists of two parts: the reference citation in APA format, followed by the summary for that reference.
? Your sources should address the following topics, which will be included in the Unit V Research Paper:
o Define cancer.
o Describe the type of cancer you selected.
o Describe the diagnosis: symptoms, diagnosis, staging, and prognosis.
o Discuss treatment options, including medicines/alternative treatments.
o Discuss causes/risk factors.
o Include the incidence rate or statistics.
o Explain the resources you would use if you or someone you knew had this type of cancer.
o Discuss what you can do to help the fight against cancer.
o Include any other interesting facts.
? Create an annotated bibliography following the structure given in the example:
o Click here for the annotated bibliography example.
o Find four to six current sources (published within the last five years).
o Note that the reference citations should be organized in alphabetical order.
BIO 1030, Biology I 3
o Summaries should not include opinions; rather, summaries should contain a short synopsis of the article, and
no direct quotes should be present. End your summary with one or two sentences on why that source was
selected and how it is of value to your research topic. Each summary should be at least 50 words in length.
? You must use at least two articles from any of the CSU Online Library databases to create your annotated
bibliography. The remaining sources may include the textbook and credible websites other than Wikipedia.
You will NOT be writing the actual research paper in this unit. You will just be creating and submitting an annotated


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