Humanities : Arizona State University Middle East Protests Paper

Pick a protests event that occurred in the contemporary Middle East (anytime since WWII or so until today). It can include worker strikes, popular mass gatherings, popular boycott, etc. You can use newspaper archives, scholarly search, personal knowledge/experience (backed by documentary evidence/support), popular media, or any other resource. Was the protest event part of a larger movement or spontaneous? Explain. What were the demands of the protestors, activists, or participants? Approximately how many participants were there? What was the verbal response by the relevant government/state to participant demands? What was the physical response of the government if relevant (e.g., police mobilization, troop mobilization, paramilitary mobilization, tear gas, bullets, barricades, etc.)? How long did the event last? What was the result of the event? Did the government change any policy or assuage concerns and how? Did the participants have any of their grievances met or resolved and how (this may include a change in government policy in the following months, statements by the government/leaders acknowledging the issue, or other material or symbolic gestures)? Finally, who was right?; the government, the event participants, both or neither? Explain.

You will receive one point for answering all of the above in one post, .5 points for responding to another student post


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