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Here is a Rubric for your final Paper. It should be 5-7 pages
long, not counting titles, abstract, references, table of contents,
charts and balance sheets. It should be 1500 words of your own
writing. Extensive quotes will not count, if you add them make your
paper longer.

You must cover topics 1-5. You must include an abstract, table of
contents, references. It should be well written. Organize your work
under following headings (1-5 and include sub-headings under #5

1. Business and Financial Risks:
Business and financial risks related to capital-structure such as
operating risks, leverage and debt risks. A company's business risk
is the risk of the firm's assets when no debt is used. Business
risk is the risk inherent in the company's operations. Some of
those factors are as follows: Sales risk - Sales risk is affected
by demand for the company's product as well as the price per unit
of the product. Input-cost risk - Input-cost risk is the volatility
of the inputs into a company's product as well as the company's
ability to change pricing if input costs change. 

2. Modigliani and Miller’s [MM] capital-structure theory. 

3. Criticisms of the MM model and assumptions. 

4. Capital-structure evidence:
Capital-structure evidence and implications and problems with other
Capital Structure Theories. 

5. Estimating Optimal Capital Structure:
Estimating your firm’s optimal capital-structure. A firm’s optimal
capital structure is that mix of debt and equity that maximizes the
stock price. 
a. Discuss the following and relate it to the optimal structure:
b. Business risk. 5/5. 
c. Tax position. 5/5. 
d. Need for financial flexibility. 5/5.
e. Managerial conservativeness. 5/5. 
f. Growth opportunities. 5/5.

6. Abstract.

7. Table of Contents.

8. Well written in APA style without spelling, syntax or grammar

9. A minimum of four references are required, excluding the
textbook. Sources should be from academic, scholarly reviewed
Additional Requirements 


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