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read this articles about immigration :

Camarota article:

Kristof article:


1 ) In the video , Beck claims that the United States has taken in an average of 1 million legal immigrants since 1990. Verify this claim with this website (See Table 1):

He also claims that we take immigrants from “desperately poor countries/regions”. Verify his claim here:

And here (Choose the year 2015 and click on Table 3):

Explore his claims about the World Bank’s data on poverty here:

2) Then, answer these two questions: Are his claims true? Why are these reliable websites?

3) Read the following NYT article. How does Beck respond to critics who call his ideas xenophobic?

4) How do you think Beck would respond to this article? Does this article support or refute his ideas? Why?

Harrop Article:

Mark :

Duarte Geraidino video :

Farm Workers caught video :

– Use this template for Position Paper 1 outline:

*Make sure your submission has a proper heading (name, date, course, assignment) and the course material references (APA or MLA format) you plan to use in your paper

3. Grading criteria:

  • All elements of outline are present
  • Elements of outline are detailed appropriately to demonstrate plan for paper
  • At least two course sources are referenced
  • Thesis is clear and persuasive
  • Clear plan to use rhetorical appeals evident

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