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Assignment Description

Assignment: You will be creating a survey and survey design plan to further your analysis of potential locations for TattleTale offices.

Assignment Background

Congratulations. TattleTale executives are excited about your initial analysis of possible U.S. office locations. However, there is some disagreement among management on which of your top eight recommended states would be best.

So, management would like you to gather additional information from each of top eight recommended states. This information will be used along with the Gallup data to narrow down options to four states. From there, city specific insights will define which city in each state is best for the first set of U.S. TattleTale offices.

Management in Europe has continued to research the relationship of employee engagement to population characteristics. They found some interesting correlations (see below) which should guide your data collection.

Assignment Objective

In this assignment, you are to create a survey and research implementation plan to gather the additional data required for finalizing a recommendation on office locations. Include the following items in your plan:

  • Research hypotheses:
    • Be sure to outline your research hypotheses clearly. It is critical that a research question be stated clearly as it guides the development of a sampling plan and survey instrument.
  • A sampling plan appropriate to the population of interest:
    • This plan identifies and describes your population of interest and how you intend to have adequate number and representation to make generalizing statements about the population.
  • A survey instrument appropriate for the selected mode of delivery (telephone, online, interview, etc.):
    • The survey instrument will need to be tailored for the mode of delivery you select – indicate the mode at the top of the survey instrument. A justification of the selected mode should be included. Questions should be well crafted and capable of capturing the information you seek.
    • Be sure the survey is structured in a manner which is logical and easy for the person responding to understand.
  • A plan for handling missing or poor quality data:
    • Included an explanation of how you intend to deal with missing or poor quality data. Be sure to explain why you selected this method for dealing with data issues.


Example variables by topic which have been shown in Europe to have a relationship with employee engagement:

Satisfaction with City Conditions

  • Satisfaction with:
    • Economy
    • Schools
    • Health Care
    • Business Opportunity
    • Transit
    • Employment
    • Housing
    • Quality Environment (air/water)
    • Medical Care
    • Crime/ Security
    • Happy with city in which you live
    • Recommend city to others

Personal Health

  • Active
  • Feel Productive
  • Well-Rested
  • Laugh/Smile
  • Stress
  • Medical Conditions

Life Satisfaction

  • Enjoy life
  • Productive
  • Learn new things
  • Excited about your life
  • Enjoy with you do
  • Happy with your life

Standard of Living

  • Have sufficient money
  • Can do what you want to do
  • Sufficient food
  • Good housing
  • Comfortable with standard living

Support Network

  • Have support network
  • Receive recognition
  • People who encourage you
  • People that you encourage


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