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This is the final product for the pamphlet assignment. Please be more detailed and add graphics and photos in the pamphlet. Thank you. See attached outline you completed before .


Guidelines (IMPORTANT)

  • The pamphlet should contain the following:
  • Content and language that targets a lay audience.  All terms should be explained and diagrams and graphics should be provided to clarify concepts and ideas.
  • 1 relevant diagram is allowed, but not required. This should not take up a significant portion of your space on the page (only 1 page of information allowed).
  • See below for summary of content requirements

Format of the pamphlet (IMPORTANT)

  • Single-spaced, 1 page ONLY for pamphlet information.
  • TRI-fold format (use the 3- column function in MSWord or similar program)
  • Pamphlet should be Landscape (not portrait) orientation
  • ALL content written in your own words. No quotes, No copy/paste plagiarism.
  • Reference citations included in APA format (not part of the tri-fold; should be provided on PAGE 2 of pamphlet)


Pamphlet (final product) is worth 12% (Week 7)

  •  Introduction
  • Addresses signs, symptom
  • Explains effects of the disease on healthy body functions, and relates this to signs and symptoms
  •  Explains effects of the disease on healthy body functions, and relates this to signs and symptoms
  • Analyzes risk factors and preventive steps
  • Describes maintenance of quality of life
  • Explains outcomes and prognosis
  • Describes current areas of research into prevention, treatment or cure
  • Describes possible future areas of research into prevention, treatment or cure
  • Conclusion
  • Final list of references included in pamphlet
  • Clarity, proper grammar, punctuation, spelling

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