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Complete in an Outline format:
Class Topic: _______________________________________________
1. Define the Problem: Briefly describe the social issue or problem as it relates to this topic
2. Review of Literature = Current Event discussing topic - online news article:
Article must be Current within the past two weeks - of the written date
- Summary of article (one paragraph) 
- Identify Common Themes, Topics, Ideas within the article (one paragraph)
- URL link to the article must be submitted (browser address)
3. Formulate a hypothesis:
- Statement that tentatively explains your opinion or observation of the selected topic.
- What do you think the outcome of your research will be, based on your knowledge of the topic today?
- In general, how do you think people will respond to the survey? This is just an educated guess.
The hypothesis must be measurable - Variables for this research include: 1. AGE 2. GENDER 3. Other (optional)
Research findings are based on collected data; an equal number of participants for each variable group are vital for the success of your research: 10 males and 10 females, a minimum of five for each age group (18-25, 26-35, 36-45, 46-55, 56 +) and other (optional)  
4. Create a Survey Questionnaire that will address the selected research topic. Survey must include:
- 4 qualitative questions = open ended questions - peoples opinions and ideas on the topic.
For example: What is your opinion on the current political climate? (allowing an open ended response from the participant)
- 6 quantitative questions = Statements that are closed ended in nature - ranked from 1 to 10 questions.
For example: The right to vote is a privilege and an honor in this country.
(strongly disagree = rank of 1 ---- strongly agree = rank of 10)
**Sample surveys are available for your review within the course shell "Research Project" Lesson Tab - "Sample Research". 
Part One - Lesson 5 - Written Assignment = 30 points

PART TWO: Survey Design and Data Calculation - 
- Class/Instructor designed survey, from individual student surveys. 
- Each student distributes and collects 20 completed surveys
- Option One: Qualitative Data review session - drawing out common themes and interpretation of information OR
- Option Two: Quantitative Data review Session - transforming data into an excel sheet and graphs - interpretation of data
- Students will Submit Completed Surveys to Instructor = 20 points

PART THREE: Written Portion in Outline Format = 50 points
Research Paper Outline: Chapter Three of Sociology Text Book 
1. State the Research Topic and Describe the process of selecting the Topic 
2. State the Problem and Describe the process of defining the problem
3. Summary of Current Event, as it relates to the Research Topic - site the source 
4. State the Hypothesis and Describe the process of formulating the Hypothesis 
5. Attach completed Surveys to Outline 
6. Describe the Process of Collecting the Data (Researchers Experience)
7. Identify three variables, specific number of respondents in each group 
Outline for Narrative interpretation of Data

PART FOUR: Final Written Report of Findings = 100 points
1. Overview of research process. Introduce the reader to the why, how, when and where of your research experience. This is a general overview (state research topic, current event summary, define the problem, state the hypothesis and the specific number of participants for each variable, describe researchers experience, etc.). Summary of PART ONE (Lesson 5 - Written Assignment)
2. Narrative interpretation of qualitative OR quantitative data/findings. Reference themes and common ideas as you write about the qualitative responses. Reference charts and graphs as you write about the quantitative data. (This portion is the summary of all the work you have done - very important)
3. Restate the hypothesis. Based on the qualitative OR quantitative findings is the hypothesis proven or dis proven? Clarify why or why not.
4. Application of the three sociological perspectives (chapter one) - connect perspectives to your research observations, participant responses, and findings:
- Structural Functional perspective
- Conflict perspective
- Symbolic Interaction perspective 
5. Identify problematic aspects of this research process/experience, recommendations for future research, and social change.
Five to ten page written report, 12-point font, one-inch margins

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