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Open Excel and enter your name as the user name in the Excel Options dialog box, if necessary. Add the Compare and Merge Workbooks command to the Quick Access Toolbar, if necessary. Download and open exploring_e11_grader_h1.xlsxand save it as e11c1HealthCare_LastFirst, replace LastFirstwith your last name.


Display the Backstage view and add Exploring Series Studentas an Author and Grader 1as the Title.


Compare and merge e11c1Dallas.xlsxand e11c1Atlanta.xlsxinto
your workbook.


Click cell B13, type $100,250to reflect a last-minute addition of $10,000 in sales, and then save the workbook.


Activate the Track Changes feature, highlight all changes, and then create a History worksheet. Open the Select Changes to Accept or Reject dialog box and deselect all check boxes. Accept all changes and turn off workbook sharing.


Run the Accessibility Checker, identify potential problems, and then fix the warning issues detected. Close the Accessibility Checker task pane.


Run the Compatibility Checker, correct any significant loss of fidelity issues, and ignore any minor loss of fidelity issues.


Insert a footer with the sheet name code in the center, and the file name code on the right side.


Add a signature line with the name Exploring Series Student.


Mark the workbook as final.


Save the file and close Excel. Submit the e11c1HealthCare_LastFirst.xlsxfile as directed.


Total Points

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