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  • 4-5 Page Paper
  • Minimum of 1100 words
  • APA Format
  • Times New Roman
  • Size 12 Font
  • Needs to have an Introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion
  • Needs 3 references
  • Paper on the Ethical view of overturning Death Sentence to Life in Prison
  • Covering
  • Introduction
    • Gissendaner’s life in prison sentence change
      • Gissendaner was originally sentenced to death
        • Why
          • Gissendaner plotted the death and murder of her husband with the aid of her boyfriend, Gregory Owen
        • When was she due to be executed and why was she not
          • She was due to be executed March 2015
          • She was not due to failed lab tests of the lethal injection drugs
        • Advocates of Gissendaner are trying to get her sentence commuted to life in prison
          • Religious groups rallied to get her sentenced commuted to life in prison
  • Body 1
    • Moral Logic 1 ( deontology )
      • What is deontology
        • Also known as Kantian Ethics
          • Main points
            • Actions are right or wrong based on the intent of the action
            • Actions must be universally acceptable in every case
              • If it is ok to murder someone, then it must be ok to murder someone regardless of circumstance
            • People cannot be thought of as a means to an end
              • Everyone has intrinsic value
      • How would deontologists view her sentence being overturned
        • Deontologists would not agree with her sentence being overturned
          • The act of her plotting the murder of her husband’s death is not a right action
            • The intent was murder regardless of whether she was committing the act or not
            • The act of plotting murder cannot be seen as a universally right action
            • Gissendaner used her husband as a means to an end to acquire financial relief through insurance money
      • What are the strengths to this view
        • Deontology provides a clear black and white approach
        • Leaves little grey area as to what a right action over a negative action is
      • What are the weaknesses
        • There is no grey area
        • There is no good way to determine what the right action is in the event there are multiple conflicting actions
  • Body 2
    • Moral Logic 2 ( Divine Command Theory )
      • What is command theory
        • The ethical framework that is dictated by the commandments of God
      • How would command theory view having Gissendaner’s sentence commuted to life in prison
        • This would all depend on what religion is in question
          • As I am not religious, for arguments sake I will use Christianity
            • The actions of plotting the death of her husband are a wrong and sinful act in the eyes of Christian followers
            • With that said, Christians believe in redemption and forgiveness.
            • During Gissendaner’s time in prison she found religion and became a model prisoner
              • Leading religious groups to rally behind having her sentence changed
      • What are strengths
        • There is a chance for forgiveness
      • what are weaknesses
        • This is dependent on what religion you believe in
          • Some religions may see plotting a murder as nothing sinful
          • While others see is as a cardinal sin
  • Body 3
    • Do I agree or disagree with the ethical views
      • I agree with both of the view as to how they would view the issue
        • Deontologist I think would not want the sentence commuted
        • While I see how the religious communities that follow command theory of ethics would believe the sentence should have been changed
    • What is your opinion on the issue
      • I agree that the sentence should have been changed to life in prison as opposed to death
        • The person that committed the murder was sentenced to life in prison
        • Makes little sense that the person that made the plan, gets a harsher punishment
        • If a person is able to find redemption through religion of other means and work toward the betterment of others there is no reason for that person to be killed
  • Conclusion
    • How can we determine if someone has changed to be a betterment for society?
      • Is this simply base on someone finding religion or can people change by other means
    • Can evil deeds be overlooked because we find our faith
      • To what degree of evil can a person go before there is no coming back
    • How are crimes judged to determine the sentencing
    • Our judicial system need to get better
      • With the betterment of technology and training methods for judicial action we can come to more adequate punishments for crimes.

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