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Question Description

Course Project Description

This project will require you write a

at least



page (Not including works cited page or

graphics), double

spaced research paper.

Your paper will be well researched, fully cited, written

professionally, and proofread.


paper will give you the chance to explore one topic of your choice about globalization in

greater detail. Your paper will be organized around a central question. The question could be that

same as one of the issues discussed in class, or it could be one th

at you develop on your own.

The following topics are just some examples:

Does global urbanization lead primarily to undesirable consequences?

Should the World continue to rely on Oil as the major source of energy?

Is the threat of global warming real?

Is t

he International community adequately prepared to address global health pandemics?

Is the global economic crisis a failure of capitalism?

Is social media becoming the most powerful force in global politics?

Will China be the next Superpower?

Is religious a

nd cultural extremism a global security threat?

All references cited in the text should be listed alphabetically by first author at the end of the

paper under the heading References.

Citations in text: Use the author

date system as follows:

Jensen (200

0) suggested that…

Jensen and Cowen (2000) found…

…as summarized in Richards and Jia (1999).

Multiple authorship citations in the text: Use the full citation for up to two authors but abbreviate

to et al. for three or more authors:

Narumalani et

al. (2002) investigated

Hodgson et al. (2003) concluded that…

Abbreviated citations must appear in full in the reference list.

Direct quotations in the text: Should be page


(Jensen, 2000, p. 45)

Reference list: The editor assumes that all references are complete and correct. If authors appear

more than once, arrange entries chronologically and substitute the a 3

em dash for the name after

the first entry. Do not number entries. Do not abbreviate j

ournal names. Books and journal

articles in foreign languages should be cited in their original languages. Use the following entries

as a guide:

Journal articles:

One Author:

Jensen, J. R., 1995, “Issues Involving the Creation of Digital Elevation Model


and Terrain Corrected Orthoimagery Using Soft

Copy Photogrammetry,”

Geocarto International

, 10(1):1


Two authors:

Jensen, J. R. and D. C. Cowen, 1999, “Remote Sensing of Urban/Suburban

Infrastructure and Socio

economic Attributes,”


Engineering &

Remote Sensing

, 65(5):611


More than two authors:

Hodgson, M. E., Jensen, J. R., Tullis, J. A. Riordan, K. D. and C. M. Archer, 2003,

“Synergistic Use of Lidar and Color Aerial Photography for Mapping Urban

Parcel Imperviousness,”


rammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing





One Author:

Jensen, J. R., 2000,

Remote Sensing of the Environment: An Earth Resource


, Upper Saddle River: Prentice

Hall, 544 p.

Two authors:

Richards, J. A. and X. Jia, 1999,


ote Sensing Digital Image Analysis: An


, Berlin: Springer, 363 p.

More than two authors:

Jensen, J. R., Botchwey, K., Brennan

Galvin, E., Johannsen, C. J., Juma, C.,

Mabogunje, A. L., Miller, R. B., Price, K. P., Reining, P. A. C., Skole

, D. L.,

Stancioff, A. and D. R. F. Taylor, 2002,

Down To Earth: Geographic Information

for Sustainable Development in Africa

, Washington: National Academy of

Sciences, National Research Council, 155 p.

Chapters in Books:

One Author:

Jensen, J. R., 2000,

“Processing Remotely Sensed Data: Hardware and Software

Considerations,” in

Remote Sensing in Hydrology and Water Management


Schultz, G. A. and E. T. Engman (Eds.), Berlin: Springer

Verlag, 49


Two authors:

Buttenfield, B. P. and D. M. Mark, 1991, “

Expert Systems in Cartographic

Design,” in

Geographic Information Systems, The Microcomputer and Modern


, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 129


More than two authors:

Narumalani, S., Hlady, J. T., and J. R. Jensen, 2002, “Information Extrac

tion from

Remotely Sensed Data,” in

Manual of Geospatial Science and Technology


London: Taylor & Francis, 288



Jones, J., Kuhn, W., Keßler, C., and

S. Scheider, 2014,

Making the Web

of Data Available via Web Feature Services


Available f



18 June 201

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