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Poverty is one of the major problems of the whole world which the big powers have 


taken multiple steps to resolve it. The higher authorities have given it major attention due to the 


seriousness and complexity level involved in it which also has certain negative impacts on the 


society.  Therefore, in this paper, we are discussing the most prominent reasons for the program 


establishment i.e. Locating Low Income Housing. 


1-The first risk identified is the security risk due to having poor neighborhood. If the 


neighborhood is poor then there is always some risk associated with money matters and also 


there are certain chances of having high or rising crime rate in society with increasing in a 


number of murder cases and robbery cases. This is a very serious issue and also very difficult for 


security to access the crime because these localities are linked to each other and is not easy to 


locate the crime which might have serious consequences on the society. 


2- The second risk identified is the environmental hazard due to their unhygienic living 


styles. These people are not satisfied with the people around them and also by the government as 


they think that the government and environment are responsible for their poorness. By having 




such thoughts in mind they have no interest in the cleanliness and hygienic living due to which 


they become the major cause of spreading numerous diseases in the environment and the society 


have to bear the harm for their unhygienic living styles. 


3- The third risk concern in this regard is the educational problem. The slum dweller is 


least interested in educating their children and is least bothered about making their children’s 


future bright. They have their certain beliefs about education that the education can affect the 


ability of their children to receive money, therefore there is much disintegration in these areas 


with the families who wants to educate their children by which they have very less number of 


educated children in their areas to change their thinking and also future. 


0.There are many other factors associated with poverty that makes the society weaker and 


therefore we have mentioned the emergent need of creating the program called Locating Low 


Income Housing which is aimed to evenly distribute the poor locations to deal with the issue of 


poverty in society and also to eliminate the risks which are associated with it. In addition, help 


the poor people to find affordable housing at better locations, By this view we are creating a 


model to help the poor people to find affordable housing at better locations. With this objective 


this model will provide suitable parcels in the Claremont city to have proper placement of new 


multifamily low income housing in the city.


Get a better understanding of what exists, where it is located and to whom it is available. we are 


hope to be able to provide an estimated number of affordable accessible/adaptable.


 As with any housing consumer, a range of issues affect housing choice and decisions made. 


Unfortunately, consumers with disabilities tend location and features when compared to 




nondisabled consumers, and as with anyone with limited income, their choices are further 


restricted by a limited supply of affordable housing that is also accessible. Here we outline 


specific concerns affecting access to and availability of accessible housing as well as location in 


Affordability. Many people with disabilities are unable to afford “market-rate” housing. As with 


anyone living below poverty, the price of housing is usually “out of reach” when compared to 


income. The estimated wage needed to afford the monthly Fair Market Rent (FMR) for a 2 


bedroom unit ($802) in Illinois is about $15.43 per hour or $32,095 annually for a single wage 


earner (this is even higher in Chicago and other metropolitan areas).5


 This means that it would require two full time and one part time person in each household at 


minimum wage to afford this rent (minimum wage at $6.50).


Accommodation. While not all, many people with disabilities require specific accommodations 


in their homes and communities in order to be full participants and to have the potential for the 


equivalent quality of life as people without disabilities. The challenge is developing housing that 


can anticipate the many different needs without over building or under producing. One way to 


meet this challenge is to use universal design, which is “the design of products and environments 


to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or


specialized design.”9


Criteria of people need to live there:


Must be apply to (LA CO)


Must be low income




What are you hoping to find? 


where do we build for low income housing :


Near to public transportation 


Near to schools (better )


Safe area


Not near to freeway 


Near to public garden


Further from existing low income housing


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