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Create a presentation based on the Week Four Persuasive Messages
Part I assignment. Apply the principles of designing effective
slides discussed in the textbook as you develop your presentation.
The presentation should include 7 to 10 slides with detailed
speaker notes. Include the following:

Central idea
Impact if product does not sell

It's required that each slide is to have 6 bullets per slide and 6
words per line. The detail is to be in the speaker notes. Also,
this is pertaining to the last assignment you help me with, I have
attached it. 

Persuasive Messages
Lavena A. Mabrey
University of Phoenix
COM 295
Persuasive Messages
Part 1: Persuasive Message
Respected Sir,
	The product team has come up with a new upgraded design for the
Galaxy series. The current product Galaxy 2 has received tremendous
response and the new design aims to improve on its predecessor and
continue garnering the positive response from the public. Although
the response for Galaxy 2 has been sufficient, our industry has the
potential to change its trend abruptly. Therefore, it would be a
better alternative for the company to rather create that new trend
than changing its progress according to trends defined by our
	The Galaxy Note 3 has the potential to be that trend defining
product which has the advantage of the already positive response of
the Galaxy 2 as well as better features than the latter. I have
attached a separate document which elaborates on the distinct
features of this addition to the series. The key differences are
the design, weight and performance of the phone. These differences
can help us cater to the ‘premium’ segment with a high price and
position it as an ‘aspiration’ product.
	Hence, I request you to approve of this new product and provide
the necessary go ahead so that its mass production and marketing
can be planned and initiated.
Lavena A. Mabrey

Lavena A. Mabrey, Marketing Agent
USA-Samsung Electronics America, Inc. 
85 Challenger Road
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
(714) 889-3030
Channel used for Communication: Personal Email
	The channel used to communicate the persuasive message to the
senior (boss) would be the personal email. The only audience for
this message is the immediate boss and thus with that purpose the
personal email serves as an appropriate channel. Moreover, the
context of the message is personal as it of a strategic nature and
requires decision making which should be kept secretive to external
sources until the product launch is complete. Since this is the
very beginning stage of a new product to be launched, the
communication should only be between relevant parties. Another
consideration is the purpose of the message, which is solely to get
the permission for required finances to continue with the
development, production and marketing of the new product.
Therefore, the only recipient of the message is the senior who can
approve of it and thus the appropriate channel is communicating
through personal email (Faris, K. A., & Smeltzer, L. R., 1997).

Part 2: Sales Pitch
This is the new Samsung Galaxy 3, successor to the Galaxy 2. The
new product has taken vast advancements from its predecessor and is
the epitome of what customers requires from their Smartphone in
this day and age. It comes in two formats, as a tablet as well as
smaller sized and lower priced Smartphone with almost similar
features. This provides an alternative to people with both high as
well as low budgets, making price an almost irrelevant factor when
it comes to buying such an impressive product.
It comes with the latest Android OS Jelly Bean v4.3 and has an Octa
Core Processor (1.9 GHz Quad + 1.3 GHz Quad) as well as 3 GB RAM.
It has a dual camera allowing users the options to dual shot, dual
recording and dual video calling. Moreover, it has a 5.7-inch full
HD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080) display and a full HD (1080p)
recording and playback support.
Some distinct features of this phone which our competitors are yet
to provide at this price and design are Air Command; Action Memo;
Scrapbook; S Finder; Pen Window; Multi Window; Direct Pen Input.
Apart from these distinguished technical features, the phone is
lighter in weight, sleeker and has a premium design which includes
plastic leather backing and faux metallic bezel. It also includes a
new navigation wheel for pen-enabled apps, along with pop-up apps
and expanded multi-window functionality.
The design and performance for this product go hand in hand to make
it one of the most desirable products in the market. Although
designed to garner impressive glances, it also has a sturdy body
and is not easily susceptible to scratches. Therefore, at such a
price, this is the best deal available in the market and is highly
recommended to every segment of Smartphone user, from new to old
and from young to old.
Channel used for Communication: Verbal Communication and the
	Two channels are to be used to communicate the sales pitch for the
product: Verbal communication of the salesperson when interacting
with a customer visiting a Samsung store and the Internet. The
Internet channel will be used to provide sufficient information to
customer looking to purchase the product online. All information in
the sales pitch will be mentioned in product information across all
websites that are selling the product. Moreover, other important
blogs and tech websites will be used as a source to present the
sales pitch as product information to customers. The other channel
to be used is verbal communication by the salesperson. The
salesperson will have to understand the whole sales pitch but will
have to modify the pitch in accordance with the information that
the customer seeks. For instance, the salesperson will have to
emphasize on design and looks of the phone to a customer persistent
on design whereas he will have to emphasize on technology features
to a customer requiring latest technology.
	The audience is the customers and both the channels are efficient
to deliver the intended sales pitch. The context of the sales pitch
is to provide sufficient information to all kinds of customers
according to their requirement s and tactfully emphasizing on
features that influences customers to buy the product. Thus, the
main purpose is selling the product and closing the sale (Anderson,
J. C., Narus, J. A., & Van Rossum, W., 2006).

Anderson, J. C., Narus, J. A., & Van Rossum, W. (2006).
Customer value propositions in business markets. Harvard business
review, 84(3), 90.
Faris, K. A., & Smeltzer, L. R. (1997). Schema theory compared
to text-centered theory as an explanation for the readers'
understanding of a business message. Journal of business
communication, 34(1), 7-26.

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