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 Project Proposal
Using the project you chose from Unit I, complete the following
assignment. Use the project scenario you created from Unit I in
order to organize your project.
Use an Internet search engine to search for a project charter
template. Using this template as a model, use Microsoft Word to
define the following for your project: the Objective, Constraints,
Resources, the Budget, and the Schedule. In addition, discuss the
matrix style you would prefer to use for your project and why this
choice is the best. Also include the communication methods you will
use to communicate to the various resources involved in this
project. Use Word to create your scope statement. Your assignment
should be two to three pages (not including your project cover

Columbia Southern University
Joslyn Edwards
Project Planning

Project Planning
In developing a nation wide software system application project,
designed for the United States Army, a pilot program, which
consists of a test phase, must be conducted. The primary
requirement of the software is to have a user-friendly customer
interface along with a data management system. This interface is
used to let developers interact with the pilot phase conductors.
The software is expected to capture a lot of customer information
within an online interactive platform. 
The development has both exterior and interior stakeholders, which
are the civilian bosses, and soldiers. This project needs to be
accomplished within a regulated time and within a reasonable
budget. If the routine software meets the requirements of the
stakeholders, it will then be recommended. This program requires a
risk analysis, project planning, budgeting, and division of the
responsibility and monitoring. The project objective is to
understand the requirements needed for the Army’s pilot program to
succeed along with the soldiers being able to accomplish the task;
an voice their opinions on the areas that need to be changed. The
developer will establish a user-friendly, reliable and compact
software application for maintaining the proficiency needed for the
program to excel. The main stakeholders in this program are:
•       Bosses as Investors
•       Pilot phase employees as teachers
•       Pilot phase students as users
•       IT-Project personnel as developer
The norm for this task may take a total of up to two years for the
developer to complete a well exceled pilot program. Availability of
resources and references could also hinder the timely completion of
the project. Data sharing and interactions will be limited to
direct contact with stakeholders. This may entail:

•      Gather information
•       Getting approval
•       Write up requirements
•       Create Interface
•       Feedback
•       Testing
Strategically the test phase is very important on three major
parameters consisting of, capturing operating necessity,
documenting changes, and the transition of a working product. The
operating necessity is creating a system that is consistently
updated; versus a long maintenance or update period. Documenting
and addressing system failures will aid in transitioning the test
product to its implementation. 

Training Development Capabilities (TDC) Interactive Program;


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