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There are 3 topics to this assignment: 1) Push-Pull Marketing, 2)
Product Advertising, and 3) Sales Promotions.

Part 1 – The Push-Pull Marketing Strategy

•Write a brief paragraph (in your own words) that defines the
concept of both the "push channel strategy" and the "pull channel
•Provide an example of a company that uses both strategies,
describing in detail how and why the company uses them both.
Part 2 – Product Advertising

There are 3 basic forms of product advertising.

•Choose and describe a print advertisement (magazines, newspapers,
direct mail, etc.) that appeals to you personally. Cite the
publication source of the advertisement and the date it was
•Why does this advertisement appeal to you? Explain why you believe
this advertisement is effective.
•Write a comprehensive description of the advertisement so that
your classmates may easily visualize it.
•How many of the 3 forms of product advertising are used in the
promotion? Describe them in detail.
Part 3 – Sales Promotions

There are many sales promotion tools detailed in the textbook; you
will consider coupons and rebates.

•Describe how and why coupons are used as a sales promotion tool
and provide an example of a company that effectively uses coupons.
Describe the promotion in detail.
•Describe how and why rebates are used as a sales promotion tool
and provide an example of a company that effectively uses rebates.
Again, describe the promotion in detail.
•Write a comprehensive paragraph that compares the advantages and
disadvantages of these 2 sales promotion tools from your
perspective; include a statement as to which of the 2 promotions
appeals to you more. Why?
Provide and explain a relevant Scripture reference to the subject
under study this module/week. This does not contribute to the
minimum length of 200 words.

Title your thread the name of your product/firm employing the
push-pull strategy or the product listed on your coupon/rebate.

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