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Part II – Writing About Your Case Analysis 
If you are asked to produce a written report about your case analysis, what format should you use? 
There is no “one best way” to write a report about your case analysis. The following outlines your instructor’s preferred case presentation format. Feel free to modify when and if it makes your analysis more clear.  Use and adapt the provided Powerpoint template as the basis for your case presentation.
A. Introduction 
in a few sentences describe the case 
in a sentence or two, tell the reader how your paper will be organized, i.e. what the major sections will be and the order in which they will be presented.  
B. Body (should include four major sections: identification of major stakeholders and their problems, goals and concerns; identification of problems; analysis of alternative solutions; recommended solutions) 
Identification of Stakeholder’s Problems, Goals, and Concerns 
1. For each stakeholder, identify events in the case that that stakeholder finds troublesome and would consider a problem; in doing so, quote the case. 
2. Identify the assumptions being made by each stakeholder, and the apparent biases of each stakeholder; in doing so, quote the case. 
3. Identify the goals (sometimes stated as explicit demands) of each stakeholder; in doing so, quote the case. 
4. Then, as best you can based on the evidence of the case, identify the concerns underlying these demands; again, quote the case. 
Identification of Problems or Critical Issues
1. Identify the key problems that must be solved. Explain with reference to appropriate concepts, theories, models, and/or research findings—and the evidence of the case. Quote evidence to justify your assertions. (Note: this is likely to be a lengthy part of your analysis.) 
2. Also, identify problems that are less central but still deserving of attention, as well as problems that can safely be ignored for the foreseeable future. 
Analysis of Alternative Solutions 
1. Keeping in mind the whole array of problems that must be solved, describe two or three alternatives courses of action that might be taken to resolve these problems. Be specific and practical. 
2. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each course of action, with reference to the following: how the course of action is expected to resolve the key problems presented; how the recommended course of action will affect other remaining problems; how the recommended course of action will be perceived by each stakeholder; the difficulties you will encounter in actually implementing the course of action under consideration; how implementing the proposed course of action may create new problems; and, how uncertainties in your evidence and assumptions you have made during your analysis might affect the courses of action that you are considering. 
Recommended Solutions 
Present a detailed recommendation, based on your analysis of alternative solutions: 
Present a rationale for your recommendation that anticipates challenges and counter-arguments. 
Describe a plan for implementing your recommendations. 
Describe the criteria that could be used to assess how well that implementation plan is working. 
C. Conclusion 
Briefly summarize the essential difficulties posed in this case and the relevance of recommended solutions. 

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