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The assignment is the write-up of your research about Peru.  The write-up of your project should be 2700 words in length, plus or minus 10%.  You must begin collecting your information for this assignment in Week 1.The assignment must include meaningful references to journal articles which will be summarised for you in the notes you will be sent about Peru.  You must spend a large part of your preparation time for this assignment doing your own research about Peru.  Students who do not use the guidelines provided for the assignment have great difficulty with this assignment and are likely to fail it.  In the past, students who have failed the course are those who have not allowed enough time to do the assignment and have therefore lost marks because of late submission.

Components of the assignment

In writing your assignment you are required to provide a response to the following tasks.  For each task, use the headings used in the assignment details.  Do not number the sections.

  1. Write an introductionfor the assignment and include a MAP

Provide a map of Peru which includes the following information:

The Pacific Ocean

The countries that border Peru

The Andes Mountains

The Amazon River

The capital city


Lake Titicaca

Taquile Island.

The map must be at the beginning of your assignment after the title page.  The map must be referenced, that is, you must show the source from which you got the map. Usually this will be an Internet address but it may be a book or journal article. The reference must be placed near to the map.

  1. Peru’s natural environment

Concisely summarise features of Peru’s natural environment.  Explain briefly why this kind of information would be useful for tourists planning to visit Peru.


  1. Peruvian Society

Describe the kind of society the tourists would find in Peru.
Your description must include the following:

  1. Peru’s ethnic diversity and why Peru is ethnically diverse
  2. Languages spoken in Peru
  3. Religious diversity in Peru
  4. Sources of wealth and employment in Peru
  5. Describe three ways in which tourists in Peru would become aware of Peru’s cultural diversity.
  1. Peru’s tourism history

Explain how and why Peru became an important destination for travellers and tourists.

  1. Inca Heritage

Explain how and why Inca heritage has become part of the Peruvian tourism product.  Explain the impacts of Inca heritage tourism on Peruvian society (impacts or effects of tourism on the people of Peru).

  1. Lake Titicaca

Discuss the kinds of experiences tourists are able to have when they visit the Lake Titicaca region.

  1. Tour guiding in Peru

Discuss the difficulties the tourism industry has faced in managing tour guiding in Peru.

  1. Peruvian postcards

Using postcards of Peruvian Andean children as your example, discuss the image-making of the tourism industry in Peru.

  1. Gastronomic experiences in Peru

Describe the kinds of gastronomic experiences available for tourists in Peru.

  1. Transport experiences in Peru

Describe the kinds of transport experiences available for tourists visiting Peru.

  1. Accommodation in Peru

Describe the kinds of accommodation experiences available for tourists in Peru.

  1. The Brochure

Design an original brochure for a “Peruvian fauna tour” or “heritage tour” for international tourists.  See example brochure in the learonline website.  The brochure should be included as a page in this assignment and not as a separate document.

  1. Write a conclusion for the project
  2. References

Write a list of references showing the sources of information you have used in the preparation of this assignment.

Write a list of references showing the images you have used in the preparation of this assignment.

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