In a database, the things for which information is stored and maintained are called:

Question 1:

In a database, the things for which information is stored and maintained are called:





Question 2. Question :

Which option in Risk Solver Platform allows you to choose the number of times random values can be generated for the uncertain cells in the model?

Trials per Simulation

Simulations to Run

Only Run

Sim. Random Seed

Question 3. Question :

What is a database?

A collection of related files

Simply a collection of data

A data file holding a single file

Flat files used to store data

Question 4. Question :

During which phase in problem solving is a formal model often developed?

Analyzing the problem

Structuring the problem

Defining the problem

Implementing the solution

Question 5. Question :

Which of the following is an example of a measure of continuous metrics?

Four errors revealed in an invoice

A delivery delayed by seven days

Weight and volume of a sheet of steel

Three incomplete orders on a day

Question 6. Question :

Which of the following is a parameter in the Normal Distribution Dialog of the Risk Solver Platform?

Maximum value

Minimum value

Most likely value


Question 7. Question :

Which of the following inputs of a decision model is an example of data?

Estimated consumer demand

Inflation rates


Investment allocations

Question 8. Question :

Which of the following ways would × /100 - 73 be represented in an Excel spreadsheet?

10(2) * 5(3) / 100 ^ 73

10(2) ^ 5(3) / 100 - 73

10^2 * 5^3 / 100 - 73

10*2 ^ 5*3 / 100 - 73

Question 9. Question :

Monte Carlo sampling differs from Latin Hypercube sampling in that the Monte Carlo sampling:

results in a more even distribution of output values.

uses the entire range of the distribution in a more consistent manner.

selects random variates independently over the entire range of possible values of the distribution.

uses an uncertain variable whose probability distribution is divided into intervals of equal probability.

Question 10. Question :

Which of the following questions will prescriptive analytics help a company address?

How many and what types of complaints did they resolve?

What is the best way of shipping goods from their factories to minimize costs?

What do they expect to pay for fuel over the next several months?

What will happen if demand falls by 10% or if supplier prices go up 5%?

Question 11. Question :

Identify the uncontrollable variable from the following inputs of a decision model.

Investment returns

Machine capacities

Staffing levels

Intercity distances

Question 12. Question :

In the ________ method, the distance between groups is defined as the distance between the closest pair of objects, where only pairs consisting of one object from each group are considered.

Ward's linkage clustering

single linkage clustering

divisive clustering

average group linkage clustering

Question 13. Question :

Divisive clustering method is different from agglomerative clustering methods in that divisive clustering methods:

can only have a pair of subjects in each cluster.

separate objects into a particular cluster in one step.

separate n objects successively into finer groupings.

can only have a single subject in each cluster.

Question 14. Question :

________ is the ratio of the number of transactions that include all items in the consequent as well as the antecedent to the number of transactions that include all items in the antecedent.



Support for the association rule

Confidence of the association rule

Question 15. Question :

The weights for determining the discriminant functions are determined by:

assessing the number of outliers that are present in each group.

calculating the distance between the two closest observations in each group.

measuring the closeness between predictor values of each set.

maximizing the between-group variance relative to the within-group variance.

Question 16. Question :

In classification, which of the following would be considered as a categorical variable of interest for a credit approval decision for a requester?

Age of the requester

Income of the requester

Revolving balance of the requester

Reject or accept credit approval

Question 17. Question :

Logistic regression is different from discriminant analysis in that logistic regression:

does not predict the weights.

sets observation into predefined classes.

does not depend on assumptions.

depends on assumptions such as normalization of independent variables.

Question 18. Question :

Which of the following is true of association rule mining?

It develops analytic models to describe the relationship between metrics that drive business performance.

It identifies attributes that occur frequently together in a given data set.

It seeks to classify a categorical outcome into one of two or more categories.

It is a data reduction technique that reduces large information into smaller heterogeneous groups.

Question 19. Question :

Which of the following is included in the data mining approach of data exploration and reduction?

Analyzing data to predict how to classify a new data element

Identifying groups in which the elements of the groups are in some way similar

Creating rules for target marketing based on association of variables

Developing analytic models to describe the relationship between metrics

Question 20. Question :

The strength of the association rule, known as lift, is calculated as the ratio of the:

sum of the antecedents and the consequents to the antecedents.

antecedents to the consequents.

support to the confidence level.

confidence to expected confidence.

Question 21. Question :

The ________ algorithm is a classification scheme that attempts to find records in a database that are similar to one we wish to classify.

linear regression

logistic regression

k-Nearest Neighbors

discriminant analysis

Question 22. Question :

________ is a collection of techniques that seek to group or segment a collection of objects or observations into subsets, such that those within each subset are more closely related to one another than objects assigned to different subsets.

Association rule mining

Discriminant analysis

Cluster analysis

Logistic regression

Question 23. Question :

Two-way data tables can evaluate only one output variable.



Question 24. Question :

The accuracy of the model on the test data gives a realistic estimate of the performance of the model on completely unseen data.



Question 25. Question :

In cluster analysis, the objects within clusters should exhibit a high amount of dissimilarity.







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