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Subject: Health Care / Clinical Medicine
You will be required to write a paper (no bullet points) that explores one nursing specialty or occupational role.


Make sure to use the assignment rubric to guide your work.


1. Format: Your paper will be written in APA style

· 1 inch margins on all 4 sides

· Double spaced throughout

· 12-point Times New Roman Font

· Page numbers in the upper right corner of the page

· Please note: You do not need a title page or running head for this assignment.

2. You will either choose or be assigned a nursing specialty (e.g. oncology, pediatrics, psychiatric) or a role (e.g. school nurse, nurse manager, nurse entrepreneur, nurse faculty).

3. Research the working role and occupational outlook for your selected nursing specialty or role.

4. Write a paper describing the following for your topic:

o Educational requirements

· Degree requirements

· License requirements

· Any specialized training (e.g. ACLS, PALs, etc.)

o Work settings and role of the nurse

· What does a nurse do in this role? You may include some general nursing roles, but you should include a minimum of 3 things that are SPECIFIC TO THAT SPECIALTY.

· Describe possible locations/settings where this nurse can work.

o Available certifications

· Describe available certifications specific to that specialty. Include the name of the certification, eligibility requirements, and how the certification is earned. (Please note, CPR, BLS, ACLS, and PALS required training for many nurses, but they are notcertifications. The nursing license is not a certification.)

o Professional organizations

· Identify the professional nursing organization that represents this specialty in the United States. (Some specialties have more than one associated professional organization. You may describe more than one organization if you wish.)

· Quote the mission statement for this organization and briefly describe the purpose of the organization, citing correctly.

· Identify the professional journal or journals published by this organization

· Remember, hospitals and other agencies that employ nurses are not professional organizations. State licensing boards are not professional organizations. A professional organization will usually have the word “organization” or “association” in its title.

o Introduction and conclusion: this is a formal paper and should include an introductory and a concluding paragraph

· Write a general introductory paragraph.

· Conclude the paper with a paragraph indicating whether or not you would want to work in this specialty and why.

5. Cite your sources in the body of the text and include a reference list in APA format. You must cite your sources to avoid plagiarism. This includes citing the sources for ideas you have paraphrased as well as the sources for data, facts, and direct quotes. Sources should be cited throughout the paper and a References page should be included at the end. Use this assignment as an opportunity to work on your skills of reading and summarizing and learning how to use APA formatting.

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