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Question 1 of 20

5.0 Points

Buddhists make up the majority of religious believers in:



[removed] A. India.


[removed] B. Sri Lanka.


[removed] C. Pakistan.


[removed] D. Nepal.


Question 2 of 20

5.0 Points

Because of the high levels of rainfall found there, rice and jute production are concentrated in which portion of South Asia?



[removed] A. Central Afghanistan


[removed] B. Bhutan and Nepal


[removed] C. Eastern India and Bangladesh


[removed] D. Southern Pakistan


Question 3 of 20

5.0 Points

The major factor influencing whether India will produce an agricultural surplus, or suffer a deficit, is the:



[removed] A. availability of commercial fertilizer.


[removed] B. resistance of "Green Revolution" hybrids to insect pests.


[removed] C. amount of agricultural subsidies granted by the government.


[removed] D. timing and duration of the monsoon cycle.


Question 4 of 20

5.0 Points

The Chota Nagpur Plateau in northwestern India is the country's center for __________ production.



[removed] A. iron and steel


[removed] B. cotton


[removed] C. wheat


[removed] D. electronics and computer


Question 5 of 20

5.0 Points

Following policy changes in the 1990s, Bangladesh doubled its exports of:



[removed] A. garments.


[removed] B. automobiles.


[removed] C. computers.


[removed] D. rice.


Question 6 of 20

5.0 Points

Maoist rebels disrupted the political stability of __________ for several decades, until a ceasefire agreement was concluded in 2006.



[removed] A. Bangladesh


[removed] B. Nepal


[removed] C. Sri Lanka


[removed] D. Pakistan


Question 7 of 20

5.0 Points

The largest component of the economy of the Maldives is the __________ sector.



[removed] A. rice growing


[removed] B. electronics


[removed] C. phosphate mining


[removed] D. tourism


Question 8 of 20

5.0 Points

The largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka is the:



[removed] A. Sinhalese.


[removed] B. Gujaratis.


[removed] C. Tamils.


[removed] D. Kashmiris.


Question 9 of 20

5.0 Points

Pakistan's largest city, and major port servicing the country, is:



[removed] A. Islamabad.


[removed] B. Karachi.


[removed] C. Rawalpindi.


[removed] D. Dhaka.


Question 10 of 20

5.0 Points

The center of "Bollywood," India's thriving movie industry, is the city of:



[removed] A. Mumbai.


[removed] B. Kolkata.


[removed] C. Chennai.


[removed] D. Bengalaru.


Question 11 of 20

5.0 Points

The south Asian city that has become a global hub for information technology, electronic goods, and software development is:



[removed] A. Bengaluru.


[removed] B. Peshawar.


[removed] C. Kabul.


[removed] D. Lahore.


Question 12 of 20

5.0 Points

A plan to dredge the Sethusamudram Ship Canal has generated tensions between:



[removed] A. India and Pakistan.


[removed] B. Bangladesh and India.


[removed] C. India and Sri Lanka.


[removed] D. Pakistan and the Maldives.


Question 13 of 20

5.0 Points

The majority of Muslims belong to the sect known as the:



[removed] A. Sunni.


[removed] B. Shiites.


[removed] C. Kurds.


[removed] D. Alawis.


Question 14 of 20

5.0 Points

The Aswan High Dam was built as a result of the Nile Waters Agreement, concluded between:



[removed] A. Egypt and Sudan.


[removed] B. Algeria and Tunisia.


[removed] C. Turkey and Syria.


[removed] D. Egypt and Israel.


Question 15 of 20

5.0 Points

The mountainous region running through northern Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia is the:



[removed] A. Maghreb.


[removed] B. Rub al Khali.


[removed] C. Negev.


[removed] D. Sudd.


Question 16 of 20

5.0 Points

The only country in Arab southwest Asia named after a family is:



[removed] A. Iraq.


[removed] B. Saudi Arabia.


[removed] C. Lebanon.


[removed] D. Syria.


Question 17 of 20

5.0 Points

The Gulf Cooperation Council is dominated by:



[removed] A. Iraq.


[removed] B. Saudi Arabia.


[removed] C. Kuwait.


[removed] D. Iran.


Question 18 of 20

5.0 Points

Mesopotamia, the "cradle of civilization," is located in:



[removed] A. Egypt.


[removed] B. Iran.


[removed] C. Iraq.


[removed] D. Syria.


Question 19 of 20

5.0 Points

Foreign workers comprise eighty percent of the labor force in:



[removed] A. Iran.


[removed] B. Turkey.


[removed] C. Sudan.


[removed] D. Kuwait.


Question 20 of 20

5.0 Points

If quite unlucky, one might encounter a janjaweed while visiting southern:



[removed] A. Sudan.


[removed] B. Turkey.


[removed] C. Oman.


[removed] D. Israel.






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