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Title of the dissertation:

Relationship between Money and Time with Virtualization Technology:

Points to cover:

1.      A Quick Look at virtualization as a technology.

2.      Virtualization technology is it saving money or not?

3.      Virtualization technology is it saving time?

4.      Virtualization technology suitable for all operating system and application

5.      Virtualization technology Beyond the Cloud

6.      What’s new in Virtualization technology?


What I need for this assignment is to please fill the needed information under each part of the Proposal:


1.   The Project Aims and Objectives:

( What the project aims to achieve, what its objectives are, and an explanation of why the requirements cannot be met by using an existing solution, if any is found.

Check these, do they address the following?

Is the aim of the project clearly stated and defined, and the objectives clearly stated?
Is the topic researchable and the scope of the research appropriate for the program?
Does the problem have the potential to make an important or significant contribution to the body of knowledge?)


2.   Project Outline:

( Please describe briefly in about 200 words of what will the project consist?)


3.   Literature Survey / Resources’ List:

( A preliminary literature survey must be included in order to verify that some research and reading on the subject was done before the proposal was written. Please note that the resources should not be just from Internet sites, but rather from quality re sources usually found in e-Libraries. Also the Pre-Proposal submission, in the RMT class to the GDI, must identify at least two academic papers that discuss the problems/issues in which you are interested as proof that they have scholarly credibility.
An annotated list is recommended as it should keep the literature review relevant to the project)



4.   Scholarly Contributions of the Project

( Specify what you considers being the original aspects of your project in relation to scholarly contributions in Information Technology. This requirement is to demonstrate academic rigor in IT and not the goodies the application will provides to its users (clients), such as "they will have a better user interface then before", or "their input will be verified thus causing less operative errors”, or "the populated data base will help them conduct their business netter". A good criteria will be not "what new subject I have learned”, but "what I contributed to the knowledge of others”. )


5.    Description of the Deliverables:
(A deliverable is an artefact – an outcome in the evolution of a fully implemented project. Provide a description of expected deliverables. What will the content of the project be? What will be the content delivered upon completion and in what form?

They should address the following questions::
What can or will be gained by investigation of this research project?

What are the projects results or achievements as the results of the proposed research?)


6.    Evaluation Criteria:
(Key features and characteristics of the solution, which aspects are essential to the success of the project, and how you will assess the extent to which they have been achieved.

This section should answer two major questions: What are the criteria used to measure the success of work products and the final project? How will you assess these criteria?
You should:
Describe the
administering and /or data gather procedures.

Make sure that the data collection procedures/instruments are valid and reliable.
Verify that data analysis methods are appropriate.


7.    Resource Plan:
(The equipment, software, and other materials necessary to complete the project, how they are to be provided, and what the financial costs will be, such as travel}.


8.    Project Plan and Timing

( Anticipated milestones and interim deliverables. A detailed timetable (schedule) of the stages, including the estimated finishing date, is a must. Stages will be reviewed with the sponsor and DA. Don’t simply list the stages of the project and their timetables, but supply information what is done in each of them with special emphasis on the last stage of the project.)



9.    Risk Assessment:

( A description of what obstacles may arise and contingency plans to meet them. One aspect that should be considered here is the availability of the software and hardware you intend to use and, if you need to interface several pieces of software, whether this is known to be possible.)

10. Quality Assurance:


( How progress on your project will be monitored and how success at each stage will be assessed. This may include, but should not be limited to, the formal project assessments.)

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