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English 151
Diagnostic Essay
Name: ____________________________

In our class on ____________ we will be writing an In-Class Writing Diagnostic Essay.  

Whenever we begin the process of learning, it is important to gauge where we are in
order to better support, learn, and evolve our skills. In this in-class writing diagnostic,
you will be responding to the writing prompt or your choice below. This will give both of
us an idea of where your strengths are as a writer and inform how I can best support your
learning within this course.

You will be able to write your essay by hand. Do not use the Internet during writing.
Do not use your mobile phone or any other electronic devices during the writing.
Electronic translators cannot be used; you may bring a print dictionary.

Your goal is to select one of the writing prompts below and
provide a clear argument,
at least three points in support of your argument, and ethically and clearly
incorporate two (2) quotes and/or paraphrases from one (1) of the articles matched
to each Essay Prompt listed below, or from a research source of your own choice.
You must acknowledge your use of the research source.

Use the spaces below to write down any notes and ideas for your essay, or write
down your two (2) chosen quotes and/or paraphrases from the articles.   

You will not be able to bring in any other notes besides this assignment sheet; you
are allowed to bring in a PRINTED copy of your chosen research source.
Essay Prompts to choose from
Yes or no, and why: parents should lie to their children about Santa Claus existing.

Eleanor Cummins, “Should parents lie to kids about Santa Claus? We asked the experts”,
Popular Science

Ana Swanson, “What psychologists really think about you lying to your kids about
The Washington Post

Plz write a diagnostic about the first topic “Should parents lie to kids about Santa Claus?  Please follow the instructions and use reference. i am international student, so write a little bit simple. about 350 words  thx

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As discussed...

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