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When we read over our work, we see what we meant to write, not what is really on the page.

In psychology, you often hear about "Freudian slips," in which a speaker uses a wrong word or misreads information based upon fixations or repressed feelings. In the everyday world, this translates into the idea that we all make mistakes. Writing is no different, and as psychologists have amply demonstrated, we tend to overlook or become blind to our own errors. This makes the process of self-editing especially difficult.

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Editing Services
Our editors bring out the very best in your work and transform ordinary papers into the best papers they can possibly be. offers a unique essay editing service that utilizes master editors to carefully go over your work and review it for grammar, spelling, punctuation, organization, style, clarity, and flow. Our editors make precision changes to your paper to emphasize your most important points, clarify your expressions, and strengthen the architecture of your paper and the construction of your sentences. 

This service is akin to having a friend read over your paper, but with a twist: This friend is an experienced master editor, and this friend will make changes for you so your paper returns to you stronger, better-organized, and clearer than when you sent it in.


Our customer service staff is the best in the business, and we have fast and friendly representatives standing by 24 hours a day to take your phone call. We want to help, and we're always ready to assist you in pursuit of psychological excellence.

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