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3.5-4 pages double spaced for text paragraphs only.


Argument must be in bold. 




Multiple times people of the United States of America came together to solve problems. Sometimes 


succeeding, sometimes failing, but always providing lessons for the future.


Choose one or two (your choice)  of the historical “Periods, Crises or Movements” listed below Explain 


some of the strategic, ideological, historical events and persons, etc. that were behind these moments. 


And discuss how lessons of each period and how they might be applied today or in the future to solving 


either A) Climate Crisis or B) Social Justice/Black Lives Matter.


Periods, Crises, or Movements




Civil Rights Mvt.


New Deal


Progressive Era


Women’s Movement including Temperance Mvt. 




Show what issues they faced that have had useful information [including, for example, practices, 


dynamic structures, lessons, methods of persuasion] for facing problems we are facing today.  Apply 


your info and ideas with as much specificity and detail as you can.


List your choice of Either A or B current topic at the top of the paper. 


Plus number, name and underline “the period, crisis, or moment” you are covering at the beginning of 


the paragraph where u introduce it.


For the historical parts from the earlier periods we covered, you may use only the assigned readings, 


PPTs, in class films without further written permission from the instructor. For climate change use class 


materials, then you can supplement it with a limited amt you feel is essential from non class material. 


For defining the Social Justice/Black Lives Matter you can use outside sources.


Note: You must reference Nace, and if at all applicable among your other sources.


Put your MAIN EMPHASIS, though, on the lessons you find in the historical past.


Use dates, specifics, figures, and techno economic periodizations as well as you can. So, lots of specifics, 


and thinking & strategizing on your part. Remember, this is your final statement in this class, so make it 


as good as you can. Strut that history!




Absolute maximum of 10% quoted material, and even that must be justifiable. I.e. have reasons you 


couldn’t put it in your own words.


Number your papers pages.


You may NOT share your written exam notes or exam outline or essay drafts with any 


classmate before handing the paper in. Nor may you read theirs.


First, MAKE an outline!


Let yourself write a bit more than you will submit, and then edit it down a page or two. Cite sources in ENDNOTES 


including page #’s.  Endnote all information from the course and otherwis that is not common knowledge, 


using page numbers in your endnotes.

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