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Students may choose one from the list of readings, and respond to the corresponding prompt by writing a full academic  paragraph in the pattern given.

Remember: Respond to the prompt. Do NOT retell the reading. Use examples or parallels in the reading as a source to support your reason, but otherwise rely on your own insight and expertise for the main and supporting ideas.

Please write in the third person. Academic writing should usually avoid references to “I”, “we”, “us”, “our”, “you” or “your”.  Academics must write about their ideas, not themselves, so try to revise your sentences so that you write in an objective tone.

Include the full writing process, in order. Please label each section to lead your audience through your work, starting with the prewriting, and ending with a completed, corrected version. Do not use an editing draft as your final draft.

This assignment need:

Freewriting (plz view the PPT about the writing process) 


Outline (there is an outline template)

Editing draft

Final draft ( this part must have 500 words)


           Jim Maloney, “Why Should We Hire You?”

           James Lincoln Collier, “Anxiety: Challenge by Another Name”

           Martha Brooks, “Surviving the Journey: Literature Meets Life”

           Jonathan Franklin, “Lost at Sea; The Man Who Vanished for 14 Months” from  The Guardian (UK)


Please note that the author’s last, or family, name is underlined. Refer to the author by full name, first time, and thereafter by the last name. 



Patterns of Development:

           Chapter 11, Examining Cause and Effect (195f)

           Chapter 12, Comparing and Contrasting (211f)

           Chapter 13, Defining a Term (228f) 


Paragraph prompts:

Chapter 13, Defining a Term

In, “Anxiety: Challenge by Another Name”,  James Lincoln Collier defines anxiety as challenge, in order to show that young people can take advantage of uncomfortable or difficult feelings to help themselves develop as adults. Identify and define a similar emotion in order to advise a potential international student in Canada how to cope or develop once he or she is here.  

Chapter 11, Examining Cause and Effect

Many students consider a university education as the first step in gaining adequate employment. In uncertain economic times, that can be a difficult quest, as Jim Maloney has describes in “Why Should We Hire You?” Use Maloney’s article to help advise other international students how to prepare for their first professional job. Identify how international students can show potential employers that they are well prepared and suitable candidates. Use a cause and effect structure, to show students how they can cause their own success.


Chapter 12, Comparing and Contrasting

1)     “We are bound together on this planet”, says Martha Brooks in “Surviving the Journey: Literature Meets Life”. She shows how she has used her life as a writer to also be a nurturer to help troubled youth, not related to her, who have fallen into despair because of their difficult childhoods. Should those of us with more comfortable lives feel bound to help the many displaced people in the world, today? Do this by comparing your vision of how the citizens living in relative comfort should act in the face of the millions of displaced people in the world, to a contrasting one. For example, if you believe that we should accept refugees or take physical action against their attackers, contrast and justify that over those who feel that we should stay uninvolved.



2)     Jonathan Franklin’s account, “Lost at Sea; The Man Who Vanished for 14 Months”, relates the harrowing tale of when Salvador Alvarenga and his crewmate, Ezequiel Córdoba were sent adrift in the Pacific Ocean after a storm ruined their boat’s engine and radio. We learn that while Alvarenga survived, most of the time alone, Córdoba did not. Examine the story to compare and contrast the two sailors, and why one lived yet the other perished. Identify a main quality that you think is responsible for the difference, and support your idea with evidence from the story and from your own insight about human nature.

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