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Loss Prevention Plan Assignment Guidelines 

You will apply your learning from this course by creating a loss prevention plan.  You develop and submit draft sections of the plan in Weeks 2 and 4. The final plan and presentation is due in Week 6.  


Your plan will address your choice of one of the five scenarios attached. Each scenario has multiple risks; read carefully and critically to get beyond the most obvious risk. For each risk, you will suggest how to correct and mitigate that risk. You may use the text, journal articles, or reliable internet sources.  A minimum of three outside resources is required.  Finally, you will propose a way to monitor the risk control treatment you provided.

Your plan should include the following: 

Title Page (Include Scenario Name)

  1. Risk Identification
  2. Risk Analysis
  3. Risk Control Treatment Selection with Implementation Plan
  4. Risk Control Treatment Monitoring
  5. References


Section A. Risk Identification

Identify the areas of risk that you discern from the scenario you chose. Be specific and cite your sources.  1 - 2 pages, APA format


Section B.  Risk Analysis

Explain the legal ramifications of the event depicted in the scenario. Depending on your chosen scenario and the specific risks, this analysis may include determining whether a sentinel event report needs to be filed.  3 – 4 pages, APA format


Section C.  Risk Control Treatment Selection with Implementation Plan

Specify the departments involved in correcting the issue, policies that may need to be changed, staff training or re-training that needs to occur, any disciplinary actions that may be necessary, insurance carriers to be notified, future insurance needs, etc.   Check your textbook index for ideas of areas that need to be researched.  3- 4 pages, APA format


Section D. Risk Control Treatment Monitoring

Describe how this issue will be monitored to prevent it from happening again. 1- 2 pages, APA format


Section E. Policy/Procedure Oversight and Reporting

Describe how leadership and the governing body of the organization are accountable for policy/procedure development, oversight and reporting.



Submission Schedule

This assignment is worth a grand total of 400 points.  The assignment will be submitted in two-section drafts before the final full paper, incorporating instructor feedback.

Week 6:              Full and final paper with all sections, incorporating instructor feedback from drafts with (references from previous drafts should be moved to  E. References section) Narrated PowerPoint.

                           (250 points total)  200 Final Paper, 50 Narrated PowerPoint


I am attaching all sections (A,B,C,D,E) for you


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