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Essay Topic. Can money buy Happiness

Need and Outlin

Need a Draft and final Copy.

6 Paragrapghs






Thesis (Tentative): 


Body Paragraph 1


Topic Sentence: 




Body Paragraph 2


Topic Sentence: 



Body Paragraph 3


Topic Sentence: 






Talk about fairness and treatment of employees.





The number of paragraphs you have will depend on the length of your paper.  You may have more than 6 paragraphs but not less.


Your introduction and conclusion paragraphs should be about 5 sentences long and no longer than ¾ of a page.

Your body paragraphs should be about 175 words or more but usually no longer than ¾ of a page


Introduction (1st paragraph):

Include a hook/attention getter to get your reader’s attention – 1st sentence of the essay

Introduce your topic and get the reader interested

Describe what the paper will be about but don’t announce (Don’t write…my paper will be about…will discuss)

Describe why the topic is important (either to you or society in general or both)

State general ideas – do not get too specific in the introduction

DO NOT tell everything in the introduction – save something for the body

Include your thesis statement (the last sentence of your introduction)

Body (middle 2 or more paragraphs):


This is the most important section of the paper. It is the core of the paper.

In one paragraph, you will present your reasons for your position and back them up with evidence.

In another paragraph, you will discuss the counterarguments and your reactions to them.

Say all that you want to say about your topic

Describe and explain the topic in detail

Make sure the paper flows between paragraphs

Use transitional topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph

Use concluding sentences to wrap up each paragraph

Conclusion (last paragraph):

Paraphrase the main idea of your paper

Include a closing statement of some kind (here are some ideas - depends on topic/purpose of essay):

Evoke a vivid image

Offer a plan of action for the future

Leave the reader with a thought provoking statement

Ask a question to make readers continue thinking about your paper

End with a warning

DO NOT include new information about your topic

DO NOT include general facts – not too impressive after reading the paper


DO NOT apologize for your views (If you apologize, you take away all your credibility)

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