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Write an essay on Personal leadership action plan.



Personal leadership action plan

The essay represents the personal action development plan and an overview of career aspects. The personal action development plan that considers my career journey, future career aspirations and the action plan that describes in detail regarding my strengths and weaknesses in the career development are mentioned in detail. Professional skills and lifelong learning objective matter in career development as far as current skills and the required future skills do matter at this end (zarraga & bonache, 2003). The essay identifies the future goals and the current skills with recent activities that were carried out by determining the leadership style approach.


Career prospectives and career journey till date

The leadership approach that i developed gradually in my teenage was a remarkable journey till date, as it describes the achievements that i made in my career. With guidance of john, who had a small business that flourished about recruitment consultancies, he tried to guide in each possible way to clearly determine how recruitments and selection takes place in an organization (johansen, 2009). This was a career move that made an improvement in my overall skills in beginning. I was working with some data entry firm that made my skills, sharpen in computers and as per this, it became a necessity in the recruitment consultancy firm where i worked with john. It was a long period since i was working with him because each thing that i learned had to be implemented in a realistic approach. My skills and knowledge were getting clearer about the business perspectives at teenage (neal, boatman & miller, 2013).

This was my biggest achievement as far as considered. The total years i spent with john in the recruitment consultancy name avion was around 4 years. John at every stage made me understand about my duties and responsibilities towards the firm and provided me with the insight for the business operations that needed a larger market in the human resource management department. The wide range of activities flourished as i began to understand things in a proper manner (nussbaum, 2003). The leadership skills and the communication skills had an over overall impact that was a positive business journey. My leader has encouraged me in every way as more about the human resource department and the concerned activities play a drastic role in business (zenger, folkman & edinger, 2011).


Selecting the right candidate for the right job is essential for development of an organization and this is actually done by adopting ska that are skills, knowledge and abilities of the candidates. The employer gives and advertisement regarding the job opportunities and candidates accordingly apply for these jobs. I advertise about jobs and the business opportunities for the successful growth as an individual and even for my company. These operations were undertaken by me and has encouraged me by dealing with these types of activities and i eagerly learnt from a small firm (mitchell, ray & van ark, 2014).

Then i got a stage that helped and encouraged me to build a positive career, the tactics have been learnt by me from the activities of a small consultancy firm. But, i wanted to become a leader and a business icon with my own recognition, so finally i decided to work on the project that has the same range of activities (kouzes & posner, 2003). The things i have learnt from the consultancy now apply in my business of recruitment that i started as a small business with leadership skills and communication skills at the age of 25. Then, i got to know about the different skills that was helpful for me to manage my clients and the candidates at the same time (mitchell, ray & van ark, 2014). The financial break that was introduced here was regarding the investment upon the career, but it seemed that my leadership skills proved to be efficient and successful at this end.

The journey that i started from a data entry firm, now leads to an entrepreneur at this age. In a successful business, education, skills and experience play a vital role and this proved in my career life that i had managed to work for this business efficiently and effectively with the best possible resources that are optimally used in my firm (wagner, 2006). There were a range of options that were provided to me, but i had a passion about managing people at work and handling the human resource with its different departments. My interest made me to choose this career for the future perspectives that are very importantly considered. Variety of skills are mainly required in the business with a different perspective.

The decision was a perfect move that i made in my career and this seems to be an interesting career path that brought me back in australia. I was recognized among the recruitment consultancies and made a move by achieving the competitive advantage. Various projects gradually succeeded and slowly the things changed over some years. There were some complexities that i observed as per the experience. Business strategies and corporate strategies were met by me with my partners who helped me to form the recruitment consultancies (hurley, 2012). This made a likely good experience as and when the ethical strategies were used in the market.


The recruitment consultancy hired candidates from australia and even out of the country. Then it was international strategy used for the recruitment purpose. Candidates all over the world were approached with the recruiting websites that made a difference of point in the business. As an entrepreneur, i tried to move to the next step and i began to conceive about what has to be done for business development team. More than 100 team members in the company were  the target that i had planned while strategic planning was again a boon for me. The strategic planning, innovation and the leadership skills were the most wanted skills that i needed in my department. Apart from this, creativity and innovation were observed, as a leader of a team i gradually focused on meetings and planning for the human resources that needed a developmental program for improving their skills. Higher studies made an impact over my career that had boosted me up with my skills and passion i have for opting my career path. It seems, according to my experience that i was born a leader and still there is long way to go further while action plans and my strengths and weakness will help me to overcome my difficulties and at the same time assist me for future opportunities.  

Future career aspirations

As this was a medium scale company that i started at an early age, i waited for a better opportunity in my business. Then, i sold my previous business and brought up a new venture that gave me a satisfactory business opportunity. At this end, i started my next step of career with a greater exposure in my career growth as an hr manager (matson & prusak, 2010). The future aspirations that are the enlightened result of the exposure which has given an additional opportunity for me and it has heavily reflected and made an influence in my perspectives that include the different courses and development programs. These have highly materialized my interest and has given a thought which originally gave me an idea when i was in completion for the postgraduate course. The strengths and weaknesses may be clearly identified as per the career pathways that highly motivated me to achieve my desired goals (kellerman, 2012).     

Next step of identifiaction of strengths and weaknesses before action plan

Identifying the strengths and weakness may lead to a different pathway. Self-development essential and should be particularly concerned with a relative approach as such leadership skills have been supporting my career and team (busine, watt, wellins & boatman, 2013). As part of the division of work that has been made by me in a critical manner, there are some negative and positive impacts that have influenced me to change my plan for a better future. Measuring my productivity has led to improvement in my skills and again in output of results as measured. Inducement has led to another concept of motivation which is going to get a real sense in employee engagement that i am working on (boatman & wellins, 2011). Basically, individual motivation is very important in the hr approach and the motivational theories that are getting back have an imperative way to deal with the interests of brevity and again it may sometime restrict the literature of leadership skills and the action plans.

For identification of both the strengths and the weaknesses, there are some tools and techniques which may help to recognize the productivity level and the acceptance level at the same time. There becomes necessary about diagnosing the components and the significant evidence which flourish in a positive relationship while making critical reflection (horowitz, 2006). My strengths and weaknesses have made me the person i work and this ultimately seems to be considered positive.

While, these are some components and elements that cannot be easily identified, thus what makes clear about these things can be approached. Such as there are questionnaires that may reveal the real identity and prove some circumstance. The questionnaires were formulated from the internet and they were answered by me honestly to undertake these results (hewitt, 2014). Around 25 questions included in the questionnaire and they seem to be a feedback that have various steps that shall be taken by me. Improvements in many areas and reducing the level of negative impact may lead to a smooth career and help in career development opportunities. The result ultimately had a much favorable impact on me, since this had even some of the provisions that were set by me while deciding early career goals and objectives. Highlingting the main part that has to be improved by me was work culture that has to be changed and the organizational structure with the decision making process may be effective.


Apart from these the threats of the business revealed about the competitors that i analyzed in accordingly. There was again a career orientation inventory that highlighted the autonomy and other features. The areas about leadership and consequently human resources were my strengths in the feedback form that resulted in a company’s development plan (lencioni, 2002). Again the questionnaire was the most important part that motivated me to gradually move my next career step. The emotional intelligence was the given rating that has an average activity which even identified the 360 approach. The ei approach helped to strengthen the determined goal and constructed a different form of developing emotional intelligence approach (mccall, yost, mchenry, o’connor & plunkett, 2014). The emotional intelligence plan is about finding a problem if there is any such, then analyzing the problem by gathering the required data again, what needs to be done for the problem is a very important part that will be discussed in the next action plan.

Action plan



Completion date

Measure of success

Improving organizational culture so that it may be helpful to undertake broader activities in an organization.

Reviewing current measures that are taken. Accept the latest techniques that update the employees

25 thjune 2016

Using the best method line or staff method for improvements.

The decision making process has to be concentrated efficiently, which may change the formation of an organization

Discussing with the senior level management for involving the employees in the team

15 thjuly 2016

Receiving a feedback which may be accurate at some point

Recognition and company image

Employee engagement, developmental programs and employee motivation

20 thjune 2016

Experience and developmental opportunities may strike for success and employee involvement may gain the success at this end.

Leadership approach and styles adopted

Particularly, there are actions that may enhance the leadership approach in a consequent manner and this may help to develop an organization by implementing the employee involvement planning process

15 thjune 2016

It can create a positive effect to self development and help in competitive advantage



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