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Assignment 1: LASA 2 Write Your Own Bill


You are a newly elected Member of Congress. It is up to you as to whether you are a Senator or a Representative from your State.  You made several important promises during your campaign and now that you have taken your seat, you need to show the constituents you represent that you are going to fulfill at least one of these promises with a bill you write and introduce into your chamber.


  1. Choose a topic for your bill:
    1. Envision the constituents that elected you
    2. Imagine that you have interacted with your constituents
    3. What’s making news?
    4. Look to other states
    5. Look to your own experience
    6. Look at current logs and regulations
    7. Use the internet
  2. Research your bill topic:
    1. Look at existing law
    2. Explore various solutions to the issue
    3. Support your position with facts and figures
    4. Determine your support and opposition
  3. When writing your bill:
    1. Ensure clarity, organization and accuracy
    2. Ensure you are creating law
    3. Anticipate questions and concerns
    4. Proofread and check grammar
  4. Bill structure (see attached)
  5. Bill writing checklist (see attached)

Some links that may help you understand how to write a bill:

Review the  Bill Writing Checklist. Using the  Bill Structure document fill in all sections to write your bill.

To complete this assignment, you must submit the completed Bill Structure Document that clearly illustrates all components of a professionally written bill and address all required elements of the assignment listed in the grading criteria below.


The assignment must be submitted as a Word document. Include APA formatted title and reference page. Be sure to cite any references used in APA format..

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