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Culture and Ethics1- what is ethical behavior in marketing and what is non ethical explain + example
2- why do marketers need Ethics
3- what are the major ethical dilemmas in marketing + Examples

International marketing research

1- what is international marketing research
2-what kind of problems can the research experience at each stage of doing research when in different culture

emerging markets : The Asia Pacific region

1-what factors limit Chinese economic growth
2-what are the steps that China must take to achieve further economic growth
3-why is it difficult to make business in India
4-what kind of business opportunities does India present to the world

Products and services for consumers

1-explain the importance of country original effect
2-what are the major components of a tangible product And how can we modify each component depending on the culture it is sold
3-how can you adapt service globally Examples

marketing communication
1- what is the integrated marketing communication (IMC) and it elements Explain each element + example
2-what are the major reasons for IMC failure and that international Contexts

Marketing personal
1- what are the major criteria used to select effective market personal ( what kind of people )

2-what are the difficulties in motivating marketing employees to work overseas and how can you motivate them to work effectively

3- what’s skills will be needed for becoming more effective marketer in the future

4- how was the work for the marketing personnel change by the 2030

1-What is price escalation Inflation pricing Deflationary pricing Administrative pricing Dumping Fixed pricing
Under what condition you can apply each pricing strategy and give examples

2-What are the major factors that contributed to Japan economic decline in 1990s

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