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Resource Guide


Issues in Counseling




This guide should be comprised of local resources(within your community). You will add to this guide in future classes.




Your assignment is to research church, para-church, and community agencies, listing what they offer regarding assistance to those with course-related concerns (depression, anxiety, etc.).  You will conduct a brief interview (in person is ideal, but by phone is also acceptable) of local programs that meet a need covered in class, and then select programs that you would use as possible referral resources.




Include at least 10 resources (if you run into trouble locating 10 references in your area, you may expand your search, but begin by looking locally), which vary in format. Detail relevant data such as program name, location, contact information, type of treatment offered, length of treatment, modality used, cost for services, requirements of participation, and any other relevant information about the program.




Your listing should be an accurate and comprehensive list of what you consider to be the bestresources available in your area.  It is imperative that you add personal commentary(at least a couple of sentences) about each program you choose to include. This commentary mayinclude your thoughts about the program, what you have heard from others, the general reputation of the program, and mustinclude your informal evaluation or impressions based on what you know of services offered. 






Format may vary, but please be clear in headings and structure. Programs should be listed alphabetically and should also be numbered. List the course title above the page, as you will build on this in future classes.











Contact Information

Type of Treatment





Other/ Personal Evaluation

1. Heritage Counseling Center, 100 Hope Drive, New Castle

H. Day, 222-9999

Community private practice, works with  anxiety, depression, addictions, child,  adolescent, and family issues

As needed, weekly individual sessions are typical

Varied, cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, systems, Christian counselors, psychiatrist also available

Sliding scale (low to no fee)  and insurance accepted

Complete phone intake

More traditional type therapy from a Christian perspective. I’d likely use them as a referral source based on what is offered, particularly their work with children and teens in local schools (counselors meet them there).Great for lower income, kids who need services and do not have high parental support, or for clients who do not have transportation.

2. Life Groups at Light Church, 123 Sunrise Rd., Dayton

M. Patrick, 777-3211

Pastoral counsel, lay counseling,  and peer support groups

Weekly groups offered for anxiety and depression, also for couples

Christian 12-step models used for some groups, others use varied formats


Call for more information, otherwise just come

Offers childcare during sessions! Good resource, may help folks tie into a church, may limit those who are intimidated by church setting, 12-step approach may also be a limitation.

3. New Life, 555 New Life Lane, Providence (associated with New Life Church)

Marilynn Betos, 555-1212

Residential, assists with “most all problems of living”

6-12 months

Christian Ministry, spiritual formation as primary intervention, group and individual counsel offered as well

Based on need, free and up

Willingness to change, no HIV+ accepted, no pedophiles accepted, phone interview and in person interview needed

Program based on structured lifestyle change and incorporating spiritual truths into life, attend chapel daily and church services 2x per week, also daily Bible classes. Seems strong in what they offer, limited in inability to serve more resistant clients or those with more severe issues. Also, program  cannot accommodate children so parents who enter must find alternate care for their children while living there.

4. TriStar Counseling Center, 3663 West Blvd, Farmville

Mike Perdue, PhD ;757-233-9000

Private practice, addresses mood disorders, anxiety, and family issues

As needed

All counselors are Christian, though they are not ‘Biblical Counselors”,  more traditional counseling

insurance accepted or flat fees (vary from $50-$135/ hr)

Set appt, in person  intake

Mostly uses standard counseling, seems to be sound in practice, often works with local clergy to help collaborate parishioner care. I’d recommend this center to just about anyone who needs therapy. Seem to offer broad range of services. Not a good resource if finances are tight.




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