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The Avalon Project, a web-based document exhibit sponsored by Yale University, has an extensive collection of American legal documents. Use this link https://allaplusessays.com/order

to be transported to the republican revolution of 1776. After watching the “Avalon Project” video, look at one of the state constitutions from the era (simply scroll down the page to the “c”s and you will find several constitutions. Pick a state that interests you (small state, slave state, pre-Declaration of Independence state).

Answer the following questions by copying this list into your response for the discussion:

  1. The state I selected is:
  2. Did the legislature have one house or two houses?
  3. What power does the legislature have?
  4. Is there and executive for the state?
  5. What power does the executive have?
  6. How often were elections held for the offices in questions 1-4?
  7. What were the requirements for a person to vote in state elections?
  8. Were there different requirements for a person to run for office?
  9. How were members of the judicial branch selected?
  10. Did anything in the document guarantee a citizen’s rights?
  11. Does the document mention the British king? If so, what does it say?
  12. Can this state’s government be considered a republican form of government?

My helpful hint is that you might use the “Find” function in your browser menu to help you find sections on the governor, legislature, requirements, and so forth.

Describe how they assimilate and contrast how the states set up their governments.

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