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Business Project - Part IV


Title Page with Running head

Abstract (on second page, short overview; the only item on that page)

On next page, start with the first heading: Twelve Business terms;then continue with each item as shown below ( Headings are in BOLD(use the bold items for headings in the paper)

 Bullet points may be used when describing the terminology of the 12 terms.

Very last page: References

For grading details of this assignment, click here to access the  Business Project, Part Four Rubric.

A.   1.  Provide twelve business termsand definitions that are new to you that are used by this company.  You should be using these terms throughout your project where they make sense.

B.   2.  Briefly describe the organizational structureof the business relative to these five functional areas:

  • Marketing
    • Include different forms marketing/sales/advertising used.  Who or what is the target market?

                  Human Resources

  • Describe the organizational structure in terms of functional or divisional (if divisional, it is by product, geography, customer, etc.)


  • What are the most significant costs/expenses associated with this business?
  • What is the most significant source of revenue for this business?
  • What is the most profitable segment of this business?


o   What are the primary sources of financing used by this business (example: stocks and bonds)?

·      Operations

o   Include items such as:  inventory management, quality control, and production.


  1. Discuss the inter-relationship issuesamong the functional areas (core areas) of the organization.

  2. Discuss any key aspects of the management, their leadership, planning, and people.  

·       Think about empowerment.

  1. Briefly explain how the evolution of technologyhas affected this business.  Provide examples of current technology being used today by the company and possible future needs.

  2. Discuss how technology impactsthe functional areas (core areas) of business.

  3. Discuss how the basic laws of economicsaffect this business
  • How does international tradeaffect this company
  • Re-examine the company’s products/services.  Briefly, provide an explanation of those products/services now that you know more about them.  
  • Describe who their customers might be and how they find /identify them. Customer Profile(use this as the heading) In other words, who is their PRIMARY target market?
  • How do they determine their price and/or price strategies?
  • Describe how supply and demand might affect this business’ operations

H.    Briefly, discuss any career opportunitieswithin the business.


There are many functional areas of business:  Management, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Finance, and Accounting.  Identify career opportunities in two of the functional areasfor your company.  Create a matrix/table that includes:

·      Each of the functional areas you chose

·      Identify a career opportunity for each of the functional areas you chose

·      Provide a minimum description of each career with credentials needed, experience needed, and salary ranges.


The following item is the last section of the paper


Choose one of the careersthat you researched and might have interest in pursuing.  Answer the following pertaining to that career:

·      How will you decide which business you go in?

·      How will you know if you are right in your decision?

·      What process will you go through to make your decision?  Make sure to trace your decision from beginning through the final decision.


REFERENCES(last page, only item on that page; be sure that ALL references are cited in the paper) at least 3 references must be used.


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