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Every day, millions of economic choices are made by people—from what brand of soap to buy to how many employees to hire for a factory. Microeconomics provides us with the tools, models, and concepts to better understand individual choices in the marketplace and how resource allocation is determined at the micro level. The decisions made by individuals and households impact the market and influence decisions made by firms. Firms use these tools as a way to determine pricing, output, and profit maximization. As a student of economics, you can use the microeconomic principles to gain an understanding of how firms and individuals make decisions and also to make your own conclusions about actions we can take to improve those decisions.




Now, imagine that you are a consultant to the firm of your choice. The firm has hired you to advise it on how it can ensure its future success as a company in its current market. To do this, you will write a 7 pageresearch paper analyzing market and business datato explain how the core microeconomic principles impact the sustainability of the firm and what actions it can take to ensure success. Include at least five referencescited in APA format.








Work with your instructor to choose a firm that matches the following criteria: a publicly traded company operating in the U.S. market that is currently in business.


a) Outline the purposeof this paper and how it will inform your conclusion.


b) Summarize the historyof the firm, and provide an overviewfor what the firm does and what goods/services it sells.


II. Explore the supply and demand conditionsfor your firm’s product.


a) Evaluate trends in demand over time, and explain their impacton the industry and the firm. You should consider including annual sales figures for the product your firm sells.


b) Analyze information and data related to the demand and supply for your firm’s product(s) to support your recommendation for the firm’s actions. Remember to include a graphical representation of the data and information used in your analysis.


III. Examine the price elasticity of demandfor the product(s) your firm sells.


a) Analyzethe available data and information, such as pricing and the availability of substitutes, and justify how you determine the price elasticity of demand for your firm’s product.


b) Explain the factors that affect consumer responsivenessto price changes for this product, using the concept of price elasticity of demand as your guide.


c) Assess how the price elasticity of demand impacts the firm’s pricing decisionsand revenue growth.


IV. Examine the costs of productionfor your firm.


a) Analyze the various costs a firm faces, their trends over time, and how they have impacted your firm’s profitability.


b) Apply the concepts of variable and fixed costs to your firm for informing its output decisions. For instance, analyze how different kinds of costs (labor, research and development, raw materials) affect the firm’s level of output.


V. Explore the overall marketfor your firm.


a) Discuss the market shareof the firm and its top competitors by providing details on current percentages for each firm and describing the trend over time. You might consider presenting the data graphically.


b) Analyze the barriers to entryin this market to illustrate the potential for new competition and its impact on your firm’s future in the market.


c) Describe the market structurefor this firm, and analyze how this affects the firm’s ability to influence the market.


VI. Recommendation


a) Develop a recommendation for how the firm can manage its future productionby synthesizing the data presented.


b) Suggest how the firm’s position within the market and among its competitors will allow it to take your recommended action.


c) Describe how the firm can sustain its successgoing forward by evaluating the findings from demand trends and price elasticity.


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