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For many years, the ethical dilemma of playing both a therapeutic role and a forensic role has been debated in the literature. Some authorities argue that there is always a conflict of interest in such dual relationships, while other authorities argue that the two roles can be reconciled and impartiality can be maintained. Using the Argosy University online library resources and the Internet, locate at least ten articles that discuss the therapeutic role and the forensic role and take a stance on this particular debate. Make sure that your collection of articles is balanced with regard to the roles and the viewpoints.


Utilize the ethical decision-making process you learned about in  M1 Assignment 3to create a 7- to 8-page argumentative paper supporting your stand. First, compare and contrast the roles, articulate the potential ethical conflicts, and discuss how those conflicts might be managed. Then, in a reasoned fashion, develop an argument for whether the two roles—therapeutic and forensic—should ethically coincide.

The course paper is essentially an argumentative essay. Refer to the following for guidelines about writing argumentative essays:

  • Refer to this guide for tips about writing argumentative essays. (THIS ISATTACHED BELOW)

Ensure that you follow these instructions:

  • Identify and articulate the similarities and differences between the therapeutic and forensic roles for both assessment and treatment.
  • Articulate the potential ethical conflicts and discuss how those conflicts might be managed.
  • Using multiple sources, defend your thesis on how and why therapeutic and forensic roles should or should not be reconciled.
  • Be sure to address the issues of dual relationships as they apply to assessment as well as treatment.
  • Ensure that you argue for a particular side of the issue (not arguing both sides) and that your argument is well-supported by scholarly literature, professional ethical guidelines, and the law.
  • Include solid reasoning and a compelling thesis.
  • Remember, a strong argument always supports its ideas and proves the other side wrong. Make sure to both support your views with credible arguments and sources and refute the other side.

Use proper grammar and spelling. Additionally, the paper should be written and formatted in APA style.

Submission Details:

  • Save your paper as M5_A2_Lastname_Firstname.doc and by  Monday, July 24, 2017, post it to the  M5 Assignment 2 LASA Dropbox.

This LASA is worth 300 points and will be graded according to the following rubric.


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