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Dr. Bueller had recently overheard a few of his colleagues discussing possible investments in the international marketplace. Wanting to explore all of his potential investment options, he has asked you to explain the various aspects of investing in foreign markets.

Your job is to research the following concepts and present your explanations to Dr. Bueller as a formal research paper: 

  • Foreign investments and portfolio diversification 
  • Reasons to invest internationally 
  • International investment risks 
  • International investment mediums 

You must provide examples of these concepts using at least 5 peer-reviewed articles from the Library's full-text database. The articles selected must be appropriate, support your explanations, and be acknowledged. 

The paper must include all necessary in-text citations as well as a complete reference list formatted in APA.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Research the four international investment concepts listed in the Assignment Description. 
  • Find at least 5 articles in the Library's full-text database that provide examples for two of the concepts. 
  • Write a formal research paper for Dr. Bueller that answers the following questions: 
    • What is portfolio diversification? Explain. 
      • Why are foreign investments effective at diversifying a portfolio? Explain. 
    • What are the main reasons to invest in international markets? Explain. 
    • What are the major risks associated with investing internationally? Explain their potential impact on an investment portfolio. 
    • What are the various methods for investing in an international market? Explain how these can be used to address portfolio risk. 
  • Compile your answers into a single Word document. 
    • Provide in-text citations and a complete reference list in APA format. 

Your submitted assignment must include the following:

  • A 6-page (body), double-spaced research paper that explains the four concepts of international investments listed in the Assignment Description 
    • At least  5 peer-reviewed articles from the Library's full-text database must be used and properly acknowledged within your paper, supporting your explanations. 
    • A complete reference list in APA format must be submitted along with your research paper

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