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the add and commercial should be about "coca cola" as this is what i submitted before but it was wrong and he wants me to modify it now. therefore, it should be about the same topic i did.
+ i dont have the book " Consumer Behaviourby Evans, Jamal and Foxall" can you manage to find it online and refer everything to the book?
he strongly wants me reference the commercial and add correctly and the things that relates to the book !!

The first assignment is based on chapter 1-4 in the book " Consumer Behaviourby Evans, Jamal and Foxall".

The assignment is to study an advertisement and commercial and from several questions (related to each chapter of the book), analyse and reflect upon the content of the advertisement and commercial. You should yourself choose an advertisement and commercial and refer to these in your paper.

You should enclose the advertisement in the paper. The commercial can be more difficult to refer to. But you should inform us where and when you have seen it. If you have found it on a website, you should give us the link to that page.

1.Analysis of a commercial

You should (yourself) choose a commercial to analyse.

The research questionsfor the analysis cover parts of chapter 1. We want You to:
1-Describe and analyse the possible target market and possible communication’s targets based on the channel of communication and the message being used. (table 1.3 consumer benefit segments, 1.5 shopping motives or table 1.6 classification of shoppers in the course literature should be used as basis for analysis);
2- Describe how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (page 12 figure 1.3 in the book) can contribute with an explanation of the messages and the motivational factors presented in the commercial.
3-Clearly show how you connect your analysis to the course literature by making clear and correct references in the text.

The answer should be about one A4-page (500 words)

2Analysis of an advertisement

You should yourself choose an advertisement (printed) as a base for your analysis. The advertisement should be analysed based on the following questions from chapters 2,3 and 4 in the book Consumer Behaviour.

Question A: In chapter two we learn about the concepts exposure, attention and perception. We want you to explain, based on the advertisement:

  • the use and perception of colours
  • ambiguityand participation.

In the analysis, you should connect to theoretical arguments in the book and comment on how efficient the marketer has used the concepts above in the advertisement. Be clear with your references!

The answer should be about one A4-page (250-500 words)

Question B: In chapter three the concepts learningand attitudesare described. The first part is about learning and how a marketer can secure that consumers remember the offer correctly. Learning is here connoted to perception. We want you to look at the advertisement and explain if it applies / or not

  • classical conditioning (associationist learning)
  • operant conditioning (instrumental learning)
  • We also want to know your attitudeto the advertisement and the product (good/service) being offered. Discussed from Katz functional approach to attitudes (p.114-115 in the book).

Your answers should have a detailed explanation to your conclusions. We want to see clear connections to the course literature. But also, think about that You are a consumer and Your learning and Your attitude depends on earlier experiences of the product being presented. What is the right or wrong answer?

The answer should be about one A4-page (250-500 words)

Question C: In chapter 4 the concepts actionand post-purchase behaviourare explained. Here we want you to reflect based on Your own purchasing behaviourin connection to the products of the chosen advertisement.

Compare the FCB-grid (page 148 in the book) and the Rossiter, Percy & Donovan model (page 149 in the book) and explain how/if the models can give marketers any useful information about the should/could reach you and your target group.

The answer should be about one A4-page (250-500 words)


In total assignment 1 should notexceed four pages and should have a word count at app. 1500-2000 words– and it should be well structured.

When assessing assignments, the teacher and opponent should consider that:

  • the student connects and refers [1] to the course material;
  • the student express him-/herself independently from used course material and references;
  • the student uses the concepts, which have been discussed in the course;
  • the student is reasoning in a clear manner;
  • that students motivates their answers i.e. explains why they are adequate / accurate;
  • the student, in a critical way, evaluates different researchers’ view on the topic;

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