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  1. According to a recent census,  33.3% of adults in a certain country have a university degree.  In a random sample of 336 adults in the country, only 92 of them ( 27.4%) said they have a university degree.  The median age of the individuals in the sample was  34.7 years, while the median age of all people living in the country is known to be  34.8 years. 

    Determine whether each of the following values in  bold is a statistic or a parameter




  1. Determine whether the variable  X has a binomial distribution in each of the following cases. If it does, explain why and determine the values of the parameters  n and  p. If it doesn't, explain why not.


  1. You randomly select one card from each of ten different decks of playing cards.
    X = number of Clubs selected




  1. You toss five fair coins -- a loonie, a quater, a dime, a nickel and a penny.
    X = number of coins that land on Heads




  1. You select one row in the random digits Table B from the textbook. 
    X = number of 8's in the row



  1. A fair die is rolled five times. 
    X = number of times the number 3 is observed.




  1. You randomly select one resident of each of the 20 houses on a city block. 
    X = number of females in the sample.



  1. You are dealt a five-card poker hand.


X = number of Diamonds in your hand.





  1. An airplane carrying 100 passengers has two emergency exits -- one at the front of the plane and one over the wings. The plane makes an emergency landing. 
    X = number of passengers that exit the plane through the front emergency exit.





  1. A boy asks the same girl to go on a date every day for a week.
    X = number of times the girl agrees to go on a date with the boy





  1. A fair die is repeatedly rolled. 





  1. m&m's chocolate candies come in six different colours.  Suppose the colour distribution is as follows:

















  1. If you randomly select nine m&m's, what is the probability that exactly three of them are brown?




  1. If you randomly select 15 m&m's, what is the probability that less than three of them are green?




  1. If you randomly select 175 m&m's, what is the approximate probability that at least 19% of them are orange?




  1. If you randomly select 250 m&m's, what is the approximate probability that between 21% and 27% of them are red?






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