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Falls Prevention Case Scenario: Mr William Taylor is a 97 year old gentleman with a history of a fall inside his home 6 weeks ago and a fall outside in his yard in the past 3 months. He now expresses a fear of falling. He is married to Elizabeth who is an Australian Aboriginal and she is receiving ‘Palliative Care Approach’; current stage: Terminal Care.
* Please refer to the full supporting document – Story board 1979 – 2016, case scenario, located under the Assessment Two folder).
The topic focus of care is Falls Prevention. Examine Mr Taylor’s falls history, health history, home environment (both internal and external) and social history.
1. KWHL Chart
Complete a KWHL chart (see p.5 of this document for the legend and specific instructions) specifically for Mr Taylor based on:
Holistic Care Theme: Environment & Topic: Falls Prevention (20 marks) 300 words – in-text referencing is not included in this word count.
NB. The ‘H’ column does not contribute to the word count.
(Ensure all information in the ‘L’ column, including Mr Taylor’s care, is evidenced based and referenced appropriately using APA).
Recommendation: Complete the KWHL Chart first before writing the essay.
2. Essay
In a written essay form:
a) Provide quality definitions for each of the following three nursing philosophies of care approach (Person Centred Care, Holistic Care and the Nursing Process of Care Approach). (7 marks) (150 words)
b) Justify why these three nursing philosophies of care are important in the care topic, Falls Prevention, for Mr William Taylor (15 marks). (200 words)
c) Demonstrate how a nurse could implement these three nursing philosophies into the care of Mr Taylor, the 97 year old ageing gentleman based on the case scenario focus: falls prevention. (15 marks) (350 words)
Total Word Count: 1100 words (plus or minus 10% of total word count). In-text referencing is included in this word count.

Ensure all information, including Mr Taylor’s care is evidenced based and referenced appropriately using APA.
Refer to the case scenario as detailed above.

Marking rubric
• Assessment Two will be marked against a rubric (see pp. 7-10) below.
• NB. Academic writing and referencing may be subject to deductions based on accuracy and quality (0 – 6 marks may be deducted).
Please contact your lecturer/tutor if further clarification is needed.
Toowoomba & External: Natasha Reedy
Ipswich: Aletha Ward
Reference List
Minimum references accepted: one peer reviewed journal article, one relevant text books and one credible web site. (Aim for sources to be no older than 7 years). NB. Please aim for more than the minimum references required.
In-text and reference list must comply with the APA guide for referencing.


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